Friday, October 31, 2008

Tagged by Jasmine

Ok, here are 6 random things about me:

1. I get cranky when I can't run and it is nice out or haven't been able to run in a while.
2. I can walk on the tops of my feet - like on the knuckles of my toes, if that makes sense. So can Keira.
3. I wish I had met Ryan sooner.
4. I prioritize doing my makeup over doing my hair anyday- I hate leaving the house without a minimum of mascara and eyeliner unless going on a run first thing in the morning, and even sometimes I put it on anyway (like for the Detroit Marathon). I also have not bought either in several years- I get enough of it free in the samples during bonus time! Oddly, I hardly ever wear lipstick, though.
5. I am really bad at keeping the house clean. There are just too many other things I would rather be doing!
6. I miss camping and climbing trips to the Red River Gorge. Maybe next year....

I tag Haley, Michelle L, Amber, Amanda, Minde, and Ellyn.

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Jasmine said...

i don't think i knew any of those things about you...i'm with you on the run...which is why i'm getting ready to go out once astrid wakes up! thanks for responding to the tag...i'll send more when i get them!