Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I have felt like Halloween lasted the entire month! We watched the Great Pumpkin, World Word's Halloween Special, and read the Jerry Seinfeld Halloween book repeated this past week. We had our 3rd and 4th/final Halloween activities this week, as well as a Dr's visit for Soren's 1 month checkup.

Friday, on Halloween, we went trick or treating in downtown Northville. It is quite the event. We met up with Nana and Papa and started off at the Northville Fire Station where we got our almost weekly fix of Parmenter's cider and donuts for a small donation, and also ran into a few friends from church. After that, we headed into the area of Northville with the streets closed and people were everywhere. The weather was perfect- no coats required, and with the later time change, it was light for the beginning, but soon darkened. Keira was not too afraid, but was just very greedy. "KEIRA'S!" was what she shouted every time someone tried to help her hold her treat bag, and refused to let us empty it into Soren's bag to make it easier to carry. We finished up a little early, because she was getting tired, and she knew we were headed back to the car and screamed the whole way. Finally, once back at the car, the emergency sirens sounded to conclude the trick or treat period, and she realized that it was over. Soren did pretty well. He was awake for the beginning, and after a small snack, he got into costume and fell asleep until Keira started breaking down, so it was a good time to leave.

Earlier in the day, we finished up our pumpkin carving.
Keira thought the pumpkins were puzzles, and kept putting the spider body back into the pumpkin.
The huge spiderweb over near our neighbors' was blown down. Keira was looking for it.
It was such a nice day to be outside!
Unfortunately, our playtime outside was ended early when a SKUNK walked into our yard and came right up to the porch where Keira and I were standing. I was super afraid that we were going to be sprayed! Years ago, skunks had set up their home underneath our porch while we were in Toronto, and I got stuck outside our place and had to have Ryan let me in our back door because the skunk sprayed all over the front porch. I shouted for Ryan, and fortunately neither Keira or I scared/provoked the skunk, and it left (and did not want to live under our porch), but we decided it was time to head inside for a bit. We needed to get ready for Trick or Treating anyway.

On Wednesday, Soren had his 1 month check up, and he is HUGE! It is amazing, comparing him to Keira. I guess it is because he is a boy. He was 22.5inches tall, and 11lbs, 7oz, so he gained 4lbs since he was born. He was in the 82nd percentile for length and 89th for height. WOW! Keira was in the 50th percentile for several months before dropping down off the chart, so we are wondering if a similar thing will happen. Here are some shots of him on his 1 month birthday.

On Tuesday, we had our church Trunk or Treat and chili cook-off. We tried a new recipe for a white chili. Keira was pretty excited to get dressed up in her costume, but didn't want to wear it once there. She got to meet Super Why, a PBS character who was really her friend Alex from nursery. We forgot to tape the Super Why Halloween Special, so that will have to wait until next year. She thought Super Why was going to be at church today, too. Slash and Sarah Palin were also there. Sarah Palin was really a Romney, so it was a bit of tongue in cheek humor for her, since she would have preferred to see her uncle running for VP.

Keira was a super fan of candy, so it was appropriate for her to wear her "I Love Candy" pjs after the trunk or treat.

Another highlight from the week was the release of Guitar Hero World Tour, which I was able to find for the XBOX 360 at Costco at a great price. This was an item that Ryan and I had discussed as a Christmas present, but wanted to grab it up before they were unavailable closer to the holidays. We did open it, as it didn't make sense to have this huge box "hiding" in our small condo. It will just help us spread out our Christmas expenses. As you can see, Keira was pretty excited about it as well.

More cute photos from the week, including Soren sporting his "little man" clothes at church today.

Up for next week- Ryan has election day off, so hopefully we can have some fun together midweek. Keira has some play dates, and I will hopefully return to attending my presidency meetings!


Jasmine said...

looks like you guys had SO much fun! astrid has the same halloween shirt (the black one with teh little cat)--how funny that our girls have the same clothes!
p.s. you're awesome at posting lots of pictures! love it

Kelly said...

Hi Melissa!

I just found this link. How are you? Congratulations! Soren is such a cute, chunky thing. I love that you have a blog. And I love the music. Hope to see you guys sometime - wanna come to Minnesota? :)

apron girls said...

your kids are just too cute! it kill me!! well, she'd probably wear one of the clips if it stuck to her hair more. i added special foam to my clippies because kate would take them off in the car. now she doesn't touch them. i think they can tell when the clips start to slip and it's probably annoying. when she gets older though she won't mind so much. she'll be begging to get her hair done.