Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Fall Fun, First Smiles

This week was a pretty busy week for us. It started off slow, but picked up as the week went on. Today was a restful day, recovering from our busy weekend. Soren took a bottle of milk today for the first time, and that went well. He didn't get too much air like Keira and was able to keep it down. We also started noticing his first real smiles during the week. They were hard to catch on camera, though. We were supposed to have a showing on Saturday, which meant we had out work cut out for us on Friday. Our realtor informed us of the showing on Thursday, so we enlisted the help of Linda to prepare our place for the showing. We are so grateful that she was able to spend the day helping us out. We could not have gotten everything done without her help. We worked all day long on Friday, preparing the condo, only to be disappointed by a cancelation/flake out by the buyer. The good news is that our place is in great shape. The bad news is that we did it in one day, and I pretty much exhausted myself and had to skip out on an activity for Keira in the morning.

Friday night, we attended a pumpkin carving party. It was very fun. My big project for the party was making little pumpkin and ghost pops to look like the brownie pops sold by Williams Sonoma. I used the recipe from Gina E, using ground oreos and cream cheese as my filling, with candy melts for the outsides. They were a big hit. We also got one of our 3 pumpkins completed.

Here are the completed and wrapped treats that we took to the party.
This is the photo from the Williams Sonoma website, I wasn't sure how long the link would work. I did pretty well, didn't I? While I am not much of a cook, I do enjoy baking (even though the only "baking" involved with these was the microwave for the candy melts!)

We convinced Keira to put her hood up finally! Hopefully she will wear it up for trick or treating.

Saturday we made our final preparations for the showing that didn't happen (just in case), and then headed to the Waffle and Omelette Cafe in Plymouth for brunch, and then to Parmenters for cider and donuts. We enjoyed the scenic view on Hines Drive and Northville Road to get there from Plymouth. The trees look really beautiful with their fall colors. Keira played on the train and we also took her to feed the ducks. She really enjoyed them.

We also watched our football teams lose this weekend. Even dressing Soren appropriately didn't help either team. Fortunately, BYU won their game.

Jumping back to earlier in the week, we did make it out to Maybury a couple times. Keira wasn't 100%, so she was a bit whiny, and wanted to run around a lot. It was very pretty at Maybury. We love fall. We went back to Maybury later in the week, but I was very tired because I was unable to get both children to nap at the same time. The funny thing was they both fell asleep in the car on the way there, so I rested in the car with them while Ryan rode. I think we all needed the break. I was just waiting to have a ranger tell me that there was no camping allowed!
Here is more cuteness from the week!

Finally, in preparation for Halloween, here is a look at the huge spider again. I stand corrected by Ryan, it is maybe only an inch or so, not the 2-3 inches that I had previously stated.
Up for next week, we will have our church Trunk or Treat as well as actual Trick or Treating. We will hopefully have some shots of our completed pumkins lit up. We plan to go to downtown Northville again this year. They go completely all out. Just another reason we couldn't afford to live there, those people must spend a ton on candy! The decorations are insane as well.


Jasmine said...

i feel like you guys have tons of spiders! looks like you guys are always having SO much fun! how did you find the time to make those awesome suckers?!

apron girls said...

your kids are so cute! and the halloween pops looked awesome. you're so creative.