Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village

This week was an action packed week. It was my first week solo with Keira and Soren, and it went very well. Keira was pretty patient (most of the time), and really loves her new little brother. The main event of this week was attending Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village on Friday evening. We also would like to wish Bailey and Chase a happy birthday on Monday (10/13) and Bryn happy birthday on Saturday (10/18), as well as Grandpa a happy birthday last Saturday (10/11)! Today we all made it to church with the help of my parents assisting with Keira and Soren. Keira was sad to return home from church to see that they had left.

Greenfield Village was quite the event (I apologize for getting the days a little out of order, but wanted to start with this). We followed a path lit by 950 jack o lanterns throughout the village and gathered treats along the way. Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, and Papa came with us. Keira enjoyed it, although was scared at some of the displays, and Soren was a trooper. We put together a slide show of some of the many photos that were taken during the evening.

The next morning (Sat), we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at Kris and Linda's, and then went to Cherry Hill Village where they were giving away free pumpkins as well as cider and donuts from Parmenters. They also had hot dogs and a man making balloon animals.

Here are a couple pictures from Friday before getting ready for Greenfield Village. These are the first photos of my dad and Soren.
Friday morning we went to the Novi Library storytime and then had lunch with Nana. Prior to the storytime, Keira spent the morning with Lizzie. Thank you Michelle! We also had a visit from Rebecca M, who brought us a great dinner and presents. It was great to just hang out and chat. Thank you so much.

On Thursday, we were all dressed up with no where to go! I was going to try to go to a presidency meeting, but by the time we got all ready, it was too late to go. Also, everyone there wasn't 100% healthy, so I skipped it.

I coordinated Keira and Soren, but was having trouble getting a nice shot of the two of them together. This is about the best I could do.
Soren is getting so strong! This was later in the evening and too cute to leave out.
On Wednesday, Soren had his first playdate with Luke! Keira also got to play with Katie. Keira was very excited to have the company and played well with Katie. Valerie D. also brought us some yummy sandwiches and cookies. Thank you!

Soren actually rolled over from his tummy to his back today after family naptime.
More cuteness!

Tuesday, we decided to venture out. First, Keira needed her wings to match her doll named Emma. We were able to make it to the mall playarea by 11 or so, which pleased me. Not bad for my second day alone! We also had a visit from Linda N, who brought cute clothes for Soren and a fun book for Keira. It was great to catch up with her. Thank you!

Monday was my first day on my own, so it was very low key. I worked on just getting everyone fed and clean. It was not as hard as I thought it would be, but still a challenge. Once Ryan got home, we headed to Maybury because we needed to get out! The leaves look so beautiful. The colors are changing wonderfully. It is one of my favorite parts of fall.
Sunday we went over to Kris and Linda's after church for a great meal and to have some company. I stayed home from church, so it was nice to spend the afternoon there.

Keira is holding Soren for the first time with Nana's help. He wasn't so sure about it! She really loves to kiss him, and is contantly saying, "I want to kiss him". It is so cute.
Hopefully next week will be just as fun as this week.


michiganbliss said...

LOVE the skeleton outfits. So darling. That little guy is a cutie. Need to come hold him.

Jasmine said...

soren is SO cute! we can't wait until your next ski trip out to utah!
glad that your days taking care of two kids are going smoothly :) keira seems to just adore cute.