Sunday, November 23, 2008

First Bath, Finally, Dr's Visit

This week was a fairly low key week. We made extra care to prevent illnesses in our home, but alas, Keira was sick the end half of the week. Nothing serious, but just very annoying when you know exactly where it came from and that those ill persons should not have been where they were to come in contact with her. Hopefully we did not get any others sick.

Today was Stake Conference, so Soren and I attended to keep Keira home and get Soren away from her. We didn't do much else, except I found more stuff in our storage unit that I think we will use with Soren. Keira was pretty excited that the Bumbo seat was back in the house. He little skinny self still fit easily into it. Hopefully she will share it when the time comes, even though we bought girly purple. Maybe we can trade it for a blue or green one. Soren isn't quite ready, but I tried him in it anyway, and it resulted in instant scrunchy cry face. Maybe he will like it more when he isn't so wobby.

Saturday was the day of the big OSU/UM and BYU/Utah games. Ryan was dissapointed all around, and actually gave into Keira's request to watch Sleeping Beauty during the final minutes of the OSU/UM game. I didn't really watch much of it either, which is a huge change for me. I guess being a mom of 2 children has really changed my priorities. I went on a run instead, and did some stuff around the house (although you probably can't tell what I did since it looks worse today than Friday with our storage unit acquisitions). Ryan also went climbing in the evening, and I hit the storage unit. This week was the final weekend for Parmenters, so we did go there for breakfast. It was pretty cold, and they had put the train away, but not the little houses. We did let Keira play on the houses, but were very glad they had picnic tables inside to eat at. We probably shouldn't have let her play outside since she came down with a fever later on, but that didn't cause it. She was already sick to begin with, so at least she was having fun, right?

Soren also had his first real bath. I know, he is nearly 2 months old, already having his 2 month check up and everything! His belly button "wasn't ready yet" as I had been telling Keira. He had a large chunk come off at about 6 weeks (Uh-Oh was what Keira said when she saw it), but it still had a small piece underneath that scabbed over. I probably could have bathed him then, but let it dry up, and then it came off and there was yet another little piece underneath. I let that one dry up too, and on Friday, the day of his 2 month check up, it came off during his final sponge bath. I also wanted his first bath to be when Ryan was home to document it, which was another reason for the procrastination. That and the fact that I didn't like our old baby tub, and it needed to be cleaned before use. Not to my surprise, I could not get it cleaned to my satisfaction (the reason I didn't like it in the first place), and Soren had his first bath in the real tub. He made few protests, but other than that, just seemed unsure of the whole thing. He did great with his second bath today.

Friday was the day of the 2 month checkup, done about a week early to get his shots before our NYC trip. He is huge still. He is 23.5 inches long and 13lbs 5oz! Still way up there on the growth chart. Linda watched Keira so that she didn't need to witness the shots. Had I realized how sick she was going to be, I probably should have taken her. It had crosses my mind that morning, but she had no fever yet, and I did ask questions about her. As long as she doesn't have a fever tomorrow, we are fine to not take her in.

REI had a big sale, so we went there in the evening, after I went on a run. Keira really liked the bird stuffed animals, and wanted her picture taken with them. Fortunately, my phone has an OK camera, so the REI pics were on my phone.

Thursday was a super busy day at our house, but we didn't really go anywhere. We had a presidency meeting here, so we had lots of kids for Keira to play with. Everyone got up late, so she had her pjs on the whole time. After everyone left, we had lunch and then my visiting teachers came over, Michelle and Amber, with Zach and Sidney. Unfortunately for Keira, she crashed and burned before they came over and was asleep for their visit. Fortunately for them, she was asleep and hopefully they won't get sick.

Wednesday, we were supposed to have another playdate with Genevieve and Vivian, but cancelled because they were sick, and we were afraid that Keira would get sick. We didn't realize that she was already coming down with something. She had a little cough, but we weren't sure if it was because of the dry cold air or something else. We now know, it was something else. Instead, we did the Wednesday library storytime because the library was closed on Friday. She was very excited that they read the "Very Hungry Caterpillar", in large large size, and had to get her copy that we almost always carry with us. It was pretty cute, and fortunately I don't think it was too distracting for her to have her own copy.

We also had a visit from Nana in the afternoon.

On Tuesday, we drove over to Somerset to do some clothing exchanges for size and have some previous purchase gift wrapped (now that the sizes were right). It was already all decorated for Christmas. We also went to a free Kindermusik Storytime. Lisa & Dominic and Emily & Brooklyn were there, which was great, because I hadn't seen them in a while, and we had both hoped the other would make it. It was Soren's first time to this location too.

Monday was again low key. Keira spent a lot of the time cleaning the kitchen, which is pretty cute.

More Cuteness from the week

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Family Photos

Here are the low resolution images from the JC Penney Photo Studio on Ford Road in Canton, MI, taken last Friday. They did a really great job. We were very pleased with the results, and had to use restraint when making our purchases. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa Visit and Snow

This week was a fun and busy week. Ryan, his parents, and my mom had Friday off, so my dad took the day off too to come visit us.

Today was a crazy morning for us, since we accidently got up late and had to really rush to make it to church. Once home, things settled back down. It started snowing lightly today during church, and continued the rest of the day. I did venture out to go visiting teaching, but Ryan's evening meeting was cancelled.

Chubby Cheekers!

Saturday, we had a lazy morning, it was too wet and cold for either my dad and I to run or for Ryan and his buddies to bike. Had it been just cold or just wet, we might have been alright. Ryan had contemplated going to the UM game, but it was just as well because the weather was very nasty in Ann Arbor. Instead, we went to Champps so that we could watch both the OSU and the UM games at the same time because we only have one television. At halftime, we all split up, I ran errands, my parents watched the game while Keira and Soren napped at home, and Ryan went to his parents house to watch the rest of his game. Once Keira woke up from her nap, my parents headed back to Ohio.

Friday was super busy. We started the morning doing our family pictures. Kris and Linda came to help us keep Keira in line. We were very pleased with the photos, and will post the low resolution images once they are available. As our photo session was finishing up, my parents were just getting into town. We all decided to meet at Poole's Tavern in downtown Northville. This was based on an article from Tyler on Detroit's best burgers. I ate about a week's worth of burger (I almost finished my 1/2lb burger) in one meal! Very tasty! After lunch and naps, we did a bit of shopping, and then headed down to Kris and Linda's for some homemade chicken noodle soup and pie from Grand Traverse Pie Company. It was the perfect dinner after that huge lunch, and was delicious. What a full day!

Thursday, we went to Kindermusik to meet up with Valerie, Katie, and Luke. This was Soren's first Kindermusik, and Miss Karen was happy we finally made it out. We hung out a bit at the coffee shop before heading home. Keira and Katie really love hanging out together.

Ryan also went climbing after getting his hair cut in Ann Arbor. It was his first time at the gym in a while. We are not sure what we will do about our memberships that are up for renewal, since we initially thought we could put Keira in a class this December, but we need to wait until June. By then, Soren will probably be mobile, and it will be really hard to do anything without a sitter. Soren looked so sweet asleep on the floor today, I had to take a picture.

Wednesday, we had a playdate with Callie, Genevieve and Vivian at our house. Vivian was born just a few days after Soren, and is totally normal sized for her age. We could not believe how big Soren looked next to her! Keira and Genevieve had fun together as well, and enjoyed lunch here.

In the evening, I had a makeover at the Lancome counter at Parisian. A fancy artist from Chicago was in town doing the event, and it was really nice to be pampered and have my makeup done for me in a new updated look. I loved it. Too bad I didn't have anywhere to go afterwards.
Here is Soren, cute as usual.

Tuesday, I got my official OK to exercise from my doctor, even though I had cheated and already started. The bummer was that the weather was so yucky this week that on days I had time and daylight to run, it was too wet and cold. On the other days that were dry, we had evening plans (scouts, haircut, makeover). I also got my flu shot. Here are some shots of Keira and Soren being cute on the floor in the kitchen. The shot at the top of the page was also from this time.

Monday was pretty low key, we didn't do much at all. Keira was able to wear her fancy church dress all day since we didn't go anywhere.

Hopefully this next week we will be able to get some outdoor exercise in. Ryan has to work everyday this week, and Soren goes to the Dr for his immunizations prior to our NYC trip the following week.