Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Technology is Not My Friend or My Enemy"

The title for this week's blog was a quote taken by our good friend Arthur, who said it at the time he was filming Ryan while climbing on a boulder problem in Utah. I feel like it is a fairly fitting title for this week, as we have had some major technological issues over here this week. The week started by having our computer crash within hours of our last blog update. It was a really bad thing when Ryan came to check something, and the blue screen of death was on our pc. The next bad thing was that we could not get it to reboot. After a call to Dell, we learned that our hard drive had failed. What a major bummer! We are currently in the process of recovering our documents from the old computer, and also have no photographs to post yet for this entry, as we have not yet put the digital camera software on the new computer. Some of our stuff is backed up, but not all. Our next computer purchase will be an external hard drive to use to back up our stuff better. In our week of pc-lessness, we did manage to have a lot of fun shopping for a new one, and it was pretty amazing that we had a new computer delivered to our house on Saturday, less than a week after the failure, and within days of placing our order. How is that for technology? We also have a MASSIVE monitor that consumes most of the width of our computer desk, which is very cool.

Keira and I also were able to go to the Novi Sports Park with Lisa and Dominic for the afternoon this week. I did take several pictures of them, but I just haven't put them on the new computer yet. It will probably take a considerable amount of time to upload all the hundreds of photos that are on the camera, and I am just not up to it at this time. It was a great day for the children to have fun, and nice to catch up with Lisa. Later in the week, we met up with Valerie and Katie at 12 Oaks Mall. Valerie is scheduled to have her baby tomorrow, so she had some last minute shopping to do as part of her final preparations. Keira always enjoys playing on the mall playground, and I am sure Katie enjoyed it as well. Hopefully things go smoothly for the delivery of her baby boy.

We also went to see Wall-E this weekend with Kris and Linda. It was Keira's first movie theatre experience, and it was very positive! She sat pretty well, crawling from chair to lap and back again, and we saw a matinee, so there were other young children as well. After each preview, she would ask for Wall-E, and really enjoyed the really big TV. She was a little afraid of the huge Incredible Hulk statue in the lobby, but not enough to stop her from running back to the theatre doors after we left at the conclusion of the movie. She was very sad to leave. Between the actual movie, the huge TV, and the stairs with the lights on them, I don't know which she was most upset about. The movie was great. I think we may go see it again when Keira's cousin Chase comes to visit at the end of July.

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