Thursday, June 12, 2008

Keira's 2nd Birthday Pics

We had Keira's 2nd Birthday Photos taken at JC Penny at the new Ford Road location in Canton, MI. This was our second try, because we had a bad experience with Keira being afraid at JCP 12 Oaks, where we didn't get any pictures at all. Linda came with us this time, and thanks to her help, we were able to get a ton of great pictures. The slideshow contains all of the photos and enhancements at our photo shoot. I think we will go back to the Ford Road JCP for all of our photo needs from now on, because they were great working with us, and took a lot of time. They also had a brand new studio that was very roomy (it did allow Keira to run around all over it). For some of the photos, she was sitting on a soccer ball that she found, which is why she is so scrunched over. She found a baseball first, and wanted to play with that, and switched it to the soccer ball because it was cleaner in case it got in any of the shots.

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