Sunday, June 8, 2008

Keira's 2nd Birthday Party

Saturday was a huge day! It started off for me at another GOTR event, in Warren, MI. It was a much smaller event than Kalamazoo, and was not nearly as crazy. This was great, because it was also the same day as Keira's 2nd Birthday Party. Keira seemed to understand that she was having a party. When Ryan put her down for an earlier than usual nap, he explained to her that she had to rest because she was going to have a big party later, and she took a super long nap, which was great for all. We had opted against reserving an actual shelter at a local park due to cost, and the fact that we did not want to have a bunch of children outside at a play area if the weather turned bad. We were very fortunate that although the weather seemed a bit suspect, it managed to stay dry, and we were able to get a pair of picnic tables by a grill with parking very close by.

Keira was very excited about her cake. In the photo above, she is trying really hard to dig into, even though we haven't sung to her yet. We kept it hidden until this time. Her favorite television show is Word World, on PBS, and it was decorated with Sheep, one of her favorite characters from the show. The mini cupcakes on top were great for her and all of her little friends to eat.

Genevieve, Keira, Lizzie, Elise, and Katie

We had a great time at the party, and are very thankful for everyone that came and for all of the help that was provided. We could not have had such a great party without all of the help from family and friends who helped provide food, chairs, and gifts. It was wonderful to be able to spend an afternoon outside with family and friends being able to catch up and celebrate Keira's 2nd Birthday. It is amazing how time flies. Here is a shot of Keira thanking Katie for coming to her party and for the great presents. This was taken by my mom, who was much quicker with the camera than I was. This next photo is a re-enactment performed at my request, Keira was really hamming it up!

Keira sharing her new baby with Elise

Keira trying on a new shirt over her dress. This is about as far as she got on her own.

Keira's actual birthday is this Friday, June 13th, so there will probably be another update shortly after her actual birthday. We aren't sure what we will do for it since her big party is done, but I am sure we will come up with something small.

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Cheryl said...

what a cutie! i can’t belive it’s already another b-day for kiera. looks like you guys had a good time.