Monday, June 2, 2008

Busy Weekend, Busy Monday

This is an exciting evening for Ryan. He is at the Red Wings Stanley Cup Finals game against Pittsburgh at Joe Lewis Arena in Detroit with some co-workers. While the Redwings could finish the series and win the cup tonight, they will need to come back from a 2-1 deficit during the second period. I may or may not update/edit the blog tonight with the final score. The fortunate thing is that if they lead the series 3-1, so a loss tonight does not count them out. It would be very exciting for Ryan to be able to see them win the cup, though.

Keira and I had a relaxing day, consisting mostly of being silly and resting from our busy weekend. Our complex pool is still not open, but it is appearing to be getting closer, and today would have been a perfect pool day. I was able to get her to wear pigtails again today, but only about long enough to get the pictures taken. I am hoping she will eventually let me pull her hair back for longer periods of time, because it gets so messy from eating and playing, that she needs to have her hair washed daily.
We also did meet up with Jessica and Kristel at Maybury for a run. I couldn't hit the trails with them because of the stroller, but it was still nice to chat before and after our run. Keira enjoyed the swings post run for a short time, but the bugs and mosquitoes are already out, so we had to keep it short.

On Sunday, we were initially supposed to have an open house for our condo, but it was cancelled. It was a disappointment to us, and even more disappointing that no calls were made about the cancellation from people wanting to see it. It did give us the opportunity to come home after church and let Keira nap at home. I was thinking recently that I used to take all these cute napping pictures of her, and hadn't in a while, so I did take a couple on Sunday. Keira actually managed to outnap me this Sunday, a major feat for her, so I felt that I should check on her anyway, and she looked so cute, I couldn't resist. I only wish I could sleep in this position right now, because it would keep my belly off of the bed, but still allow me to sleep in a relatively straight position. Too bad I don't have jello joints like a 2 year old! (She is on her knees, it is a little hard to tell due to her blanket over her bottom half) So cute!

On Saturday, we had a very busy day. Although we had already heard about the cancellation of the open house, we still continued preparations in the event that another agent became available to assist or that we got a call for a showing instead. This did not happen, but I am not going to complain about having a cleaner house as a result. The afternoon and evening were spent with Kris and Linda, celebrating Kris's birthday at Sidetrack restaurant in Depot Town, and after a great dinner we went to McClumpha Park for their ward's picnic to let Keira run around on their fabulous play structures and grabbed some treats. While we were there, we saw a frog on the sidewalk. In fact, it brushed against my leg as we were walking towards the play area. Keira was very excited to see a real frog and watch it jump. We just hope the frog managed to live through the evening, as other children were gathering very close to make it jump too, and we hope it did not get squished!

On Saturday morning, I completed my 5th race for Team Stayput. It is technically my 6th event, since I could count the bike demo, but since it was a late addition, and I didn't really do much, I will still be shooting for one more running race. I ran the Book'N 5K in South Lyon to benefit the Salem-South Lyon Library. This was a fun local race, a great alternative to my usual race this weekend- Race for the Cure, which is in downtown Detroit, a pain to get to, and expensive. It was apparently unusually difficult to get downtown this year because there were several major events on Saturday- the Red Bull Flying competition and a Tigers game, all in addition to Race for the Cure which typically draws 30,000+ on its own. The nice thing about the Book'N 5K was that we knew another family that would be attending and there was a pancake breakfast for all the family members of the race participants. I did fairly well timewise. I did not place in my age group, but honestly, it is about time that a pregnant lady not place in her age group. I mean, my times lately have been pretty slow, so it has not been exciting for me to win my age, because I feel like I have been entering races with little competition. The interesting thing about this race is that the age groups were divided a little differently than normal, 31-40, instead of 30-39, or even 30-34 and 35-39. There were no 30 year olds that beat me, so changing it to 30-39 would not have made a difference, but changing it to 30-34 would have had me winning again, because the fast people in the area are 35-39 it seems. Also, because I was the only one, which is why they combined it in the first place I am sure. I would not have won this age group even not pregnant, because the winning time was so fast. It was the same case in my last race too- the 35-39 age group was super fast compared to the 30-34 age group, much faster than my PRs. It has been frustrating to look at the race results and see people finish ahead of me in my age group with times slower than my non-pregnant race times, so in a way, it is easier when they are super fast and I would have had little chance beating them regardless of my pregnancy.

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