Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Game Update

Well, I did not stay up until the completion of the Red Wings game last night, and am quite glad I did not. I watched the end of the regulation, where the Red Wings were winning 3-2 until it was tied up with less than a minute to go, and watched the first OT period end scoreless. It went into 3 overtimes, and they lost about halfway through the 3rd OT period. Ryan did not get home until 2am. It was an unfortunate loss, but they are still not out of the hunt yet. They are up in the series 3-2, so have the chance to win again later this week. Ryan did get to arrive at Joe Lewis Arena via a limosine that took him to the VIP entrance for their suite, and got the full VIP treatment. He saw local celebrities including former Red Wings with multiple Stanley Cup rings. It was quite the experience, too bad it resulted in a loss. It would have been really fun for Ryan to have been able to be present when the cup was awarded to the Red Wings.

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Melissa C said...

Just to let everyone know, the Redwings did win the Stanley Cup. I neglected to include another post to that effect.