Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Ryan enjoyed a great Father's Day today. We had a great breakfast of waffles with jam and whipped cream, and then went to church. Keira made the above card for Ryan in nursery from tracing of her feet. Afterwards, we brought Keira home to nap, and then went over to Kris and Linda's for a wonderful meal. Sharon, Ellyn's mom, also joined us. We were able to enjoy some time outside and also had a video conference with Tyler, Minde, and Chase. My parents are in Ocean Isle, NC, and I spoke with my dad to wish him a Happy Father's day as well. We will be leaving on Tuesday to join them.

Keira and Ryan enjoying some fun on the slide outside at Nana and Papa's house.

Keira snuggling with her Papa after playing Helicopter, Choo Choo, and Motorcycle.

Saturday was quite the busy day for us. In the morning, I ran a 5K as for Ford in the Midwest Corporate Cup Relays. This is the main event that the Ford Runner's Club participates in as a team, and we are happy to say that we were victorious over GM and Chrysler this year overall, for the second consecutive year. We won the 5K as a team as well. This is the last race that I needed to complete my racing requirements for Team Stayput, and hopefully it will count since I wore a mix of Ford and Stayput apparel. After the race, I rushed home to work on cleaning the condo for a disappointing open house, because we had no prospective buyers, only neighbors checking it out from a price comparison standpoint. At least we have a clean house. We went out to Ann Arbor so that Ryan could climb, and we got Chipotle, a favorite of mine, and we do not have one near to our place. With gas prices as high as they are, we needed to maximize our time in Ann Arbor, so we also stopped at a bike shop to check things out as well.
Jessica, Me, and Michelle. Jessica was the 3rd female in the 5K, I was 7th, and Michelle was the 4th female in the 10K event. Andrea (not pictured) from Ford won both the 10K and the 5K events for the women- and they were run back to back with only a small break between. What an animal! I don't have the breakdown of the age group awards yet, which is how the overall team score is determined, so I am not sure if I contributed to the team win or not. It was fun to be back racing with the Ford team anyway. This is most likely my final race before the baby is born, but I guess I will need to wait and see what races people manage to convince me to run. I plan to continue running at this point, but with my pre-baby race schedule complete and the weather heating up, I will probably back it off a bit.

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