Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pre Halloween Week

This week was getting back into the swing of things after the weeklong break.  It was a bit rough for the kids (and me) getting up at the normal time, but we had a lot of fun activties since Halloween is coming up. 

On Monday, it was pretty much spent getting back into our groove.  I got Keira ready for school, and Soren slept a bit longer.  We went to the gym and I made it back into the pool after almost a 2 week break.  We also did some errands.

I got the bathroom downstairs put back together after Ryan painted it last week.

Keira had ballet in the evening, and was excited to go.  I also rode my bike inside in the new "bike room" once the kids were in bed.

On Tuesday, we went to the gym quickly after getting Keira off to school.  We also went to the storytime at the mall.  Soren was very excited to make a spiderman mask as the craft.

He also picked out a hat and mitten set that he wants for Christmas.

We did find the wig we needed for Keira's costume:
On Wednesday, it was a  bit wet out.  Keira went to school, and Soren and I went to the gym to swim.  He was really excited about carrying around an umbrella all day long where ever we went.

We went on a run today to, and cut it super close to getting Keira off the bus in time.  I am glad that I am pretty consistent with my neighborhood runs.  I also made the decision to do another half marathon, in Indy, on Nov 5th.  This is to try again to qualify for New York.  I feel really good about this decision, and hopefully I can stay healthy and have a good race.

On Thursday, I went to Keira's school for a special Harvest/Halloween Storytime.  It was really cute and fun.  I saw several ladies from church, as well as from our neighborhood, while I was there.  Soren stayed with our neighbor Amy.  I am thankful she was able to help out, and on very short notice because there was a bad accident which kept me from being able to go to the place I had arranged the night before. 

I also went on a fast run once Ryan got home.  It felt good to run fast, and I hope that I can run even faster in my race.  I officially entered the race today, and I need to work on my travel arrangements a bit still.

On Friday, I took a rest day after getting Keira ready for school.  With the race coming up, I felt like I should take the day off.  I also had my visiting teachers come over to visit.

We had Trunk or Treat at church this evening.  Keira wasn't feeling the greatest, and it became apparent as we got ready to go.  She was a wreck, and ended up going to sleep.  I took Soren over and left a bowl of chili for Ryan.  Soren and I hung out outside, and it was cold.  It was just as well that they missed the whole chili eating part.  Keira work up and Ryan brought her over just as the candy was being passed out.  Everyone passing out candy had their cars decorated, so we grabbed some items from our home and put them in the truck.  It looked pretty good with some LED candles.

On Saturday, I went for a run and then took the kids over to Boo Dell at Yew Dell, a botanical garden.  They had trick or treating from local businesses and a magic show.  The kids had a good time. We did a straw maze and hayride too.

Sunday was a busy day for me.  I gave a talk and it was the first day of Primary Program Practice.  I was a bit nervous going into it, but everything went OK.  Ryan went home teaching, and we just had a relaxing evening at home.

I also did Keira's nails with some fun orange nail polish for Halloween.  She was very excited.

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