Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Break

This weekend started Keira's fall break.  It was great for me that it coincided with the Detroit Free Press Marathon, and I had signed up to do the half.  We also had plans to hang out at our favorite fall place in MI a bit before heading home.  We spent several days working on the house, and also did a bit of sightseeing in Indiana.  Sickness has continued this week, but has just changed people.  Ryan is currently sick.

I left off the last post that we were about to head to MI.  We stopped at Chipotle for dinner, and got into Kris and Linda's late, but not terrible.  We saw a really cool rainbow on the drive, as well as a cool "spooky Halloween moon". 

Saturday was a very full day.  I woke up feeling worse today, and was pretty bummed about that.  I had hoped I would wake up feeling better and be on the upswing for my race on Sunday, but it appeared that it would not be the case.  We went to 3 Cedars in the morning for some cider and donuts.  It was a bit damp, so not terribly crowded.  Soren loved the train, and Keira had fun running all over.  She was bummed the corn was wet and could not play in it, but that was OK with us.  We bought a cute Halloween sign there.  I also saw a little skeleton boy that reminded me of Soren and went with my other trick or treaters from Linda, but we didn't get it today, thinking that there would be other cute stores in the area that might have it cheaper.

Next, we headed back to Kris and Linda's so that Ryan could watch the game and I went to the Expo to get my bib/packet.  It was fun, and I saw a few familiar faces.  I had a few issues getting down there due to roads being closed already for the race and then forgot to get on 94 to pick up 96 from the lodge, and ended up in Novi, since by the time I figured out I wasn't going to pick up 96 anymore, I had gone too far to make it worth it to turn around.  Oops, but at least I made it home before the game ended, like I said I would. 

We had dinner with Kris and Linda at Noodles, my favorite pre-race restuarant.  I'll have to find something else in KY, though.  We also went to REI to get a system to hang our Yakima box from the ceiling in the garage. 

On Sunday, I woke up super early to get downtown and get parked.   I called Cristina to let her know my plan and where I hoped to find her during the race.  I did it with no issue today, and walked over to the Doubletree Hotel to hang out with the Running Fit crew indoors.  It was great to hang out by real bathrooms and inside since it was a bit chilly out.  I saw a few people I knew from TIA at the start in my corral.  I didn't meet up with Cristina and Monica on the course because since I wasn't feeling the best, I was behind, so they thought they thought they missed me and continued on.  We did meet up at the finish, and Anna gave me my medal.   It was strange to be announced as "from Kentucky" when I crossed.    I wasn't terribly pleased with my time, but given everything, it wasn't that bad the more I thought about it.  I wasn't feeling well, and my foot was bothering me once I finished and tried to find Kari, who was running the full.  We did meet up with Kari, but I couldn't really run with her much, and headed back to the finish to find Jolyn and Shelby.  I finally made it back to the car and back to Canton to get ready for church.  The kids were very excited to see me and my new medal with a Mustang on it!

We went to church in Northville, and it was great to see our friends.  That evening, Greg and Ellyn and the kids came over for dinner.  All 6 kids were pretty crazy together.  We tried to imagine how crazy it would be if all the cousins were there.  Soren and Lleyton were up to no good together and locked themselves in one of the bedrooms and took EVERY toy out.  It took a bit of time to get that cleaned back up!

On Monday, Linda came with us to Parmenters to meet up with Ellyn and Lleyton.  It was great going on a weekday and not a weekend, and wasn't very crowded.  We ate lots of donuts and the kids played on the train. 

We then headed out to the Dixboro General Store to look for my little skeleton as well as some country art for our kitchen.  We didn't really see what we were looking for, but got some ideas for sayings for in the kitchen.  They didn't have my skeleton either, but it was fun to look at the other home decor items.  We then went to Sidetrack for lunch.  Soren was super excited about all of the train memorabilia and being so close to the tracks. 

We also hit Haven, a store in downtown Plymouth.  They had a ton of fun Halloween decorations, as well as these very cool tin tiles that had been repurposed as wall hangings.  Not all were original tiles, but some were new.  We selected one that was new, but made to look like old ones, and Linda gave it to us as a housewarming present. 

Our next stop was Maybury, where Ryan did a lap and I took the kids to play on the playground.  They had a blast and did not want to leave.  Maybury is so beautiful in the fall!

We hit the bike shop and then went over to Kent and Valerie's for dinner.  It was fun to catch up with them over some good food.  The kids had fun playing too.  It was quite the long day for everyone!

Tuesday morning we got loaded up and headed out pretty quickly.  We had to stop at the bike shop and pick up Ryan's road bike, which was having a minor repair made to it overnight, and then I ran into 3 Cedars to get my skeleton boy on our way out to Ann Arbor for haircuts.

After the haircuts and a quick lunch at Potbelly's, we were on the road.  We made it back to KY in time for dinner.  After the kids went to bed, we got our new tile hung!  We are really happy with our choice, it fits the space well and the color goes great with our kitchen.

We also put up our new Halloween decorations. 

Wednesday was pretty much spent at home.  We pretty much needed some rest after our crazy busy long weekend, but still did a lot of work at home.  Ryan worked on organizing the unfinished portion of our basement, and getting some of the final boxes unpacked.  Ryan worked on painting the downstairs bathroom over today and Thursday.  The kids watched a ton of TV today. 

On Thursday, the projects at home continued.  I took Soren out for a bit in the morning to go to Costco and Home Depot while Ryan worked on painting.  We ended up going to Costco a ton over the weekend.  I sort of lost track, but we were there a lot.  I made some cookies with the kids in the afternoon.

I bought some wreath hangers and white pumpkins at Home Depot to finish up our front porch.

We went to Chick Fil A for kids night, which ended badly with Keira being very upset about not wanting to eat chicken and making a scene.  We went back to Costco as a family to do a return of a defective item and looked at the Christmas trees.  We almost bought one, except we had the car and both kids, so we knew it wouldn't fit.

On Friday, we finished up a bit more house stuff and then went to the Falls of the Ohio, which is the only obstructed area of the Ohio River.  It is a area where lots of fossils have been found as well.  We enjoyed the center as well as hiking around on the trails and paths outside.  The kids had a blast.

It wasn't that far from our house, and we finished up with plenty of time to look at some trees at Home Depot before getting dinner at the Tumbleweed.  Dinner was good, and we headed back to Costco again, this time with the Escape to get the tree.  Low and behold, it did not fit in there either, and we had just enough time for Ryan to run us home, unload, and go back to get the tree we already bought before they closed. 

Saturday was a low key day.  Ryan didn't feel very well; we had thought about driving to Nauvoo, the Red, or Mammoth Cave.  Mammoth cave seemed to be the most sensible, but we decided it was just better to stay here and enjoy our last couple days of break.  We finished up a bit more around the house and did some errands.  Ryan went back to Costco again to get a ladder that needed its own trip while I took the kids to Meijer.

 I painted this sconce black to match the hardware on our dresser and lamps.
 Halloween sign and fall/winter wreath inside:
LED candles- we have owned this wall hanging for many years but never lit it since the candles were so close to the wall, ceiling, and chair.  The LEDs are awesome!  The flicker like real candles.

On Sunday, I took the kids to church while Ryan rested.  Keira and Soren were very well behaved, and several of the more difficult children were absent from my class, so it actually went very well.  We had a visit from our home teachers too. 

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