Friday, October 7, 2011

Best Mail Day Ever!

Today was the best mail day ever.  First, I got this:

Whoo Hoo!  I want to frame it, but I don't know if Ryan will want it on the wall.  It will probably end up in my race bib ziploc/file folder.

Also, my shoes came.  I don't have fat ankles, it is just the perspective of the self portrait, and I have super short, wide feet.

I posted on my f/b yesterday that I wasn't sure if I should wait for them to come yesterday before running or just go to the gym.  I am glad I didn't wait on them, as they didn't come until 1:30ish today.  I did adjust my mileage a bit since I didn't want to put a ton of miles on my old shoes.  I did go to the gym, so that it would be "easier".  I ended up doing 6 miles, instead of 8.  I will do 7 tomorrow in the new shoes instead of 5.  I have a nice 7 mile route, and my parents OKed me running with them coming into town.  I loved my mom's answer when I asked if she cared if I ran.  She said she figured I would, because that is what I do on Saturdays.  Pretty much right :)   I should hopefully be done in around an hour, and it will give me a few more miles on the new shoes and kept me from running too many miles in the old ones.

Also, I won a giveaway for Marathon Bars from Beth at SUAR.  I feel a little like I shouldn't have been allowed to enter (like how you can't win a contest for a product made by your own employer), but I am pretty well out of my Marathon bars from last year, with just a couple rationed for Detroit Half and the Lousiville Half.  I love them, and so at least someone who loves them is winning them, right?  I am planning on entering her contest for a day in the life.  This one is sort of like that, although it is a bit exciting with all things I got in the mail today.

Finally, my parents are coming into town this evening so that we can celebrate Soren's birthday with them tomorrow.  I was rushing to get errands done and left my bathing suit at the gym today.  Seriously?  Now I have to drive all the way back there.  It will take about an hour round trip with both kids. If it wasn't my brand new one, I probably wouldn't go back today, but it is my new one, and it is Friday, which means I won't be going back to workout until Monday.  Of all the days to have to drive back, why this one?  I realized it with exactly enough time to drive there and back before Keira gets off the bus, but not very much time to look for it.  I would hope no one touched it and it is still on the sink in the bathroom.  No one had turned it in when I called.  Keira has an event at school tonight, and I need to clean the bathrooms for my parents to use, as well as straighten the house.  It is their first trip to see the house, so I want it to look good.  The up side of running down there is that the kids can't wreck the house if they aren't here, right? Grr. 

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