Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back to Reality

This week was a short school week for Keira since she had off for President's Day.  I hit my training hard this week, after last week's ski trip kept me away from running for most days.

Monday was a pretty busy day for us.  Since Keira had off, I took both kids to the gym today for a long swim.  We did a few errands while we were out.  Today kicked off my "get my eating under control for Boston" diet, so we needed a lot of food.  I also started working with some girls in our neighborhood today, taking through the Couch to 5K training program.  After that, it was time to get Keira to ballet.  Her instructor opted to still have class even though it was a school holiday, and I was pleased with that.  It would have been a long break from ballet from Keira otherwise.

Tuesday was Keira's first day back to school.  She was pretty tired in the morning, but excited to be back in the routine.

I took Soren to the gym and then to storytime.  Amy read Llama Llama, Red Pajama.  I think that story sounds so much sweeter with a souther accent! 

He really enjoys playing with the trains afterwards.

Keira was very excited to bring home all her valentines from school that she received while she was gone.  She spent a lot of time opening them and reading them.

On Wednesday, Keira headed off to school and I took Soren out for a stroller run outside before my swim.  He complained a little bit.  The mileage for even the shorter runs is getting up there, so he just got a bit bored.

It was an early release day, so Keira was home early.  She made unicorn masks for herself and her tiger. 

Then, she went over to Gracie's house while I coached the girls. 

On Thursday, we had interesting weather.  It started out rather dreary, and I sort of overdressed Keira for school. 

We went to the gym today, because I was worried about the weather, but I watched it get nice out as I ran on the treadmill.  Once Keira came home, she quickly changed and spent a lot of time outside.  Soren really enjoyed having Colton over, and then later riding his mini 4 wheeler.

That evening, I had my first swimming lesson as an adult.  It went pretty well.  I am doing lots of things wrong, which I guess is good because it means if I can make changes, I should see a lot of improvements.

With my swimming lessons last night, Soren and I had an easy morning after getting Keira off to school.  We went to the library storytime.  He seems to just want to do the craft, and doesn't get as into the stories as he used to at the Novi library.  Hopefully he will acclimated to this storytime soon, since it is a lot more involved than the one at the mall.

Saturday was a busy day.  I woke up really early (for me) to attend a 7am group run from VO2 Multisport.  It was scheduled to be 17 miles, and I needed to do 20.  This was my first 20 miler of this training cycle, so I was a little anxious about it.  We had cold weather, but it went well.  It got cut short, so I had 5 miles on my own.  I got back and Ryan got started on the trainer, only to be called into work.  It was our weekend to clean the church building, so I hung out with the kids at home until cleaning time.  They entertained themselves by playing in the pantry.  I couldn't believe that they could fit!

We completed our church cleaning with one of my visiting teachers.  It went a lot quicker than I expected.  We did bathrooms because Soren became fickle with the vacuum cleaners, and decided he was terrified of them again.  Ryan came home from work, and we had dinner at Moe's before putting the kids to bed.  Ryan was able to do a bit more on the trainer, but didn't really get the workout he wanted.  It was an interesting day to say the least.  I crashed out early.

Sunday was a busy busy day!  We went to church and stayed for the linger longer.  After that, Ryan headed out to do home teaching, and we had the missionaries over for dinner.  Keira and Soren were very excited to eat in the dining room.  We had an enjoyable dinner with them.  The kids got a bit wild towards the end, but enjoyed having them over.  As they were leaving, we had a visit from our home teachers.  It was a long but fullfilling day!

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