Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ski Utah! 2012

We were able to spend a short week in Utah skiing and seeing family.  We were able to get better deal on flights if we went Monday through Saturday.

Monday was a long day!  Keira had a full day of school, and I cranked out my last run for over a week.  Ryan came home from work shortly after Keira came home, and we were off!  It has been a while since we flew, so Keira and Soren were very excited about getting on an airplane!  It was a long day, but we made it to SLC and then met up with my parents who followed us down to Payson, where we stayed.

Tuesday was an early morning.  It was valentine's day, and Keira was very excited about it. 

We met up with Tyler and Chase to put the kids in ski school at Brighton.  Keira was very excited.  Soren was excited initially, but got frustrated at the difficulty of skiing and that he wasn't progressing instantly. 

Ryan, Tyler, and I spent the morning skiing together and my mom and dad skied together.  We got all the kids at lunch.  Keira and Chase went back into ski school, and Ryan took Soren out with the harness, and he did a lot better. He didn't want to go, but Ryan got him out there.  He really enjoyed having Tyler ski backwards in front of them.


Wednesday was a ski-hard day at Snowbird for Ryan and I.  Keira and Soren stayed home with my parents while we hit the slopes with Tyler.  We spent the morning with the three of us, and then Minde, her dad, and some of her brothers met up with us after lunch.  We had a blast skiing the Little Cloud lift and in Mineral Basin.

When we got back, we went out to dinner with my parents and the kids, and then went over to visit Ryan's grandmother Gene.  She had her sister, Jane, over.  We had a nice visit over there.

Thursday was a day off off of skiing for us.  We had a visit with Ryan's other grandparents, Lynn and Maureen.  It was good to see them. 

We went into Provo to do a bit of shopping.  We had lunch at In N Out Burger, our first time there.  Soren and I loved it.  We went to Stan's afterwards for milkshakes.

We met up with my parents, who went to ski a half day at Sundance.

Then, we went up to Park City for dinner at Main Street Pizza and Noodle. 

We finished up the evening in Salt Lake with a visit to Temple Square. 

Friday morning was another very early morning. We put Keira and Chase in ski school again, and they needed to be checked in by 9:15.  Kris and Linda flew in last night, so we skied with them today too. We are thankful for my mom who watched Soren for us in the morning so that we could ski in Catherine's Area.  The snow wasn't quite as good as Snowbird, but it was another great day skiing. 

For lunch, we got Keira and Chase from school, and skied them up to Alf's.   We had a good lunch, and then spent most of the rest of the afternoon with Keira and Soren.  It was amazing to see Keira progress.  She is doing so well!  I even took her down a hill that was a bit steeper, and instead of being afraid, she giggled as we struggled to make it down slowly.

Right as Soren was finishing up, Arthur and Astrid came to ski for a bit.  We kept him out for a few more runs, did a few runs without the kids, and then finished up the day with Keira.

We stopped at Arthur and Jasmine's after skiing for a quick visit.  It was great to see them.

We finished up our trip with a dinner with my parents, Tyler, Minde, Chase, Reese (Riley stayed home), and Kris and Linda.  It was such a whirlwind busy trip!  We got back and packed up. 

Saturday was pretty much spent traveling.  We were able to get home without any issues.  We did stop through Detroit on our way, so it was a bit strange to not be home and have to get on another plane. 

Sunday was our usual Sunday.  We had two birthdays in my class today, so I brought them a treat that I made last night.  We had a relaxing afternoon and evening at home.

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