Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wild Weather

This week we experience some severe weather.  We had warm and windy weather early in the week, and then a cold from moved in, and it made for the ideal conditions for tornados.  We were fortunate that we did not suffer any damage from these storms, but tornados did strike not terribly far from the Louisville metro area.

On Monday, I got Keira ready for school and Soren and I went to the gym.  Keira's ballet class had their parents viewing today too.  Keira did a routine for both ballet and tap.

On Tuesday, I took Soren to storytime while Keira was at school.

It warmed up that afternoon, and we were happy to receive a package of new spring clothes in the mail.  Keira and Soren wasted  no time putting them on to play outside.  Soren prompty skinned his knee, but had a great time anyway.

Wednesday was a busy day, and very windy.  I was trying to decide if I should run inside or outside and before or after going to the gym and going VTing, and it started to storm hard outside.  We heard the trash cans tip over, and opted to try to run outside later in the day.  That was a good call, because it was so windy that two homes were badly damaged by it.  We got our swim in, then our visit, and then got in our run, so it worked out well.  The wind had died down a bit before our run too, and the sun came out.

When Keira came home from school, she made a 3 dimensional unicorn out of construction paper.  It was very impressive.

Soren also made a cheetah.

On Thursday, we didn't do a ton. 

Friday was a very busy day.  Severe weather was being forecasted for the afternoon, and so we packed a lot into the morning.  We did the gym and then went to storytime at the library.  It was pirate themed, and Soren really enjoyed it.  It wasn't very crowded due to the bad forecast.

We heard that they may or may not let the kids out of school early, so I felt like we should just come straight home from the library, just in case.  We made a sword out of paper, cardboard, and foil while we waited for Keira to come home.

We spent the rest of the afternoon listening to the weather reports.  We got invited to "take cover" with our neighbors across the street, and spent some time getting things here in order,  like bringing in our chairs and packing up a few things.  Right as we finished getting everthing set, they did announce a tornado warning for our county, and we headed across the street.  It was nice to have company and friends who were concerned about us.  Our basement might have been a bit more comfortable in terms of amenities in a disaster, but it was nice for Keira and Soren to play with Trinity and Colton, and be less worried about the storms.  We were fortunate that we only experienced thunderstorms, wind, and rain, and no tornados in this area.  Others were not so lucky.

On Saturday, I ran with Erin through Cherokee and Seneca Parks in the morning.  Ryan went on a ride in the afternoon, and then we went as a family to Lisa and John's house for a neighborhood party.  We had a great time socializing with everyone, and there was so much great food too.  Soren played until he was exhausted, and had to be brought home early.  Keira lasted a bit longer, but we still had to get her home in time to get to bed at a decent time for church the next morning.

On Sunday, we attended church and had a relaxing day at home.

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