Sunday, March 18, 2012

Once there was a Snowman!

Last week's weather brought in a cold front, but it was short lived.  When we went to bed on Sunday night, there was a light fluffy snow falling.

On Monday, we woke up to snow on the ground!

Keira also had a pajama day, so she was really excited about that.

Soren was so excited about it.  He was in the snow before Keira even got on the bus!

Keira got on the bus, and Soren stayed out to play a bit. 

The drive to the gym was beautiful, because the snow was on all the tree branches and the sky was bright blue.

We were happy that the snow was still around when Keira came home from school.  We were able to make a snowman with the snow too.

Keira went to ballet, and then I ran with the girls. 

Tuesday was another busy day.  We did the storytime after my workout. 

This afternoon, I went to church for my newest calling, Wolf leader.  They meet in the early afternoon and provide babysitting for the leaders' children.  It was a crazy evening because I rushed to get dinner cooked once I got home so Ryan could eat before going to his commitment, but he got home too late to attend.  The snow was practically gone already!

On Wednesday, I got in my swim, and then took my car in for an oil change.  I took Soren for a run while I had the oil changed, and it was so windy!  We were going the right direction, though, because we had a headwind on our way out, and tailwind on the return.  It was brutal, though.

The tires, which needed to be replaced for the past year, were starting to fall apart, so I had those replaced too, once Keira got home from school.  We saw some awesome cars at the dealership too!

Thursday, I got Keira off to school.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to run again outside with Soren, because I had to do a fairly long run, and I didn't want to fight with the wind.  It smelled like rain at the bus stop, and sure enough, it started to rain as I was eating breakfast.  I was glad to be indoors today on the treadmill.

That evening, it was McTeacher night for Keira's school.  Bascially, the entire school was doing a fundraiser at our local McDonalds.  It was nuts.  We went towards the end because we met up with Ryan after he finished work, and it was really crowded.  I had heard that it was a lot worse before we got there too.  I am not sure that we will do this again if they have the entire school go at the same time, or just do the drive through.  It was too crowded!

On Friday, I got Keira to school, then I was able to get in my swim before taking Soren to the library.  We saw Jamie, from the Primary Presidencey there with her daughter, Olivia.  Soren enjoyed making a chicken for his craft.

We had a relaxing evening at home.

On Saturday, I had my second 20 miler of the training plan.  I had some trouble figuring out where to run, and opted to try out a new group where I was told there would be a lot of runners my pace.  Well, when I got there, my garmin bonked on me and wouldn't even turn on.  Seriously?  I was not happy, but at least I knew that I had an 18 mile route mapped for me and that I could guesstimate the last 2 miles based on the time it took me to do the first 18.  I also had a few known points on the course that I could use to go on, but I think running without the garmin made me run a bit faster.  Also, since I didn't have anyone my exact pace and the route seemed fairly straightforward, I just did my own thing, running in between groups for the most part.  It took me to downtown and back, through a historical district of victorian homes, and to a hilly park called Iroquois.  I was really pleased with how I ran, and I am pretty sure I did the full 20 miles, if not more, when I got home.  I was pretty exhausted, though.

Ryan went out for a ride outside when I got back.  It was such a nice day.  The kids and I played on the porch.  Keira is a bit under the weather, but we went out to Smashburger for dinner and then a few errands.

Sunday was a relaxing day as usual.  It was the "spring forward" Sunday, so it was tough myself up, and Soren did not want to wake up either.  With Keira not feeling her best, we opted to keep her home from church.  My class was pretty loud today, and we didn't get through everything I wanted, but they were good in sharing time.  I ran Soren home so that I could go to a scouting meeting after. Pinewood Derby is coming up at the end of the month, so I will need to help out with that.

We relaxed the rest of the evening to prepare for the week.

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