Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pajama Day and lots of Ballet!

This is the week leading up to our vacation.  Needless to say, there was a lot of laundry done this week.  Also, I we had to do our prep for Valentine's Day early, since we will be on vacation for the actual holiday.

On Monday, we had our usual day with Keira going to school and then having ballet in the evening.  I had baked cookies Sunday night, and hoped to let the kids ice them today, but we really get to it.  They still got to eat one, but didn't get to ice and sprinkle a bunch like they usually get to do.

On Tuesday, while Keira was at school, I took Soren to the Pottery Barn storytime.  He really likes the bench in Von Maur, and I have been able to get some really adorable pictures of him on it.

We were able to ice the rest of the cookies today, finally!

On Wednesday, Keira was very excited because her class had earned a pajama day.  I'm not exactly sure how to earn one, but she was very excited about it. 

We had just enough snow overnight to cover the ground with a thin blanket of snow.  It looked really pretty, but did not last once the sun came up.

Also, while she was at school, she was able to select a birthday book to be donated to the library in her name.  They took her picture today, and she will get to be the first to check it out once it is ready to go.

On Thursday,  Keira was excited to bring home her book, "Ten Little Caterpillars".

She also had a make up ballet class this evening for the one she will miss while we are gone.  The girls were a little older, and she looked so tiny, but she had a good time.

Both Keira and Soren had a fun time playing with dominos today.  The pizza chain was having a fundraiser for her school, so we ordered pizza from there for dinner, and we got out the game once we finished eating.

On Friday, we a little bit snow.  Soren ran around and tried to catch them on his tongue. I took Soren to a playdate in the late morning before Keira came home from school.  Keira and Soren both had a blast playing with a large sheet of paper used to package a peice of wall art for our basement.  They colored on it and made a tent out of it.  I got everything the kids needed for the trip laid out today, which I think is a record for me.

Saturday was a busy day.  I had a long run planned with a new friend, Erin.  We were running in memory of a woman, Sherry, who had been abducted from MN while on her morning run.  It was cold, and we had a bit of ice to contend with.  It was the first really cold run this year for me, and Erin's first in the snow ever.  It was nice to have her to run with, and I look forward to running with her again after vacation.  I miss Cristina and Valerie.

That afternoon, I took Keira to a Valentine's Day doll tea party at Pottery Barn Kids.  Keira really enjoyed it.  They had Cheryl's cookies and did crafts.  Keira was happy to be able to do something with just the two of us. 

Once we got back, Ryan got a haircut and did errands before we all went to Gustavo's for dinner.  I made some valentine's treats for her teachers and people helping us out getting to the airport.

Sunday was a full day.  We went to church in the morning as usual.  We also packed up as much as we could, and realized that we need another suitcase.  The second carry on size suitcase we had used previously didn't belong to us so when we looked for it, it wasn't here!  Looks like I will be running out tomorrow to get one.  I also had a meeting for Primary this evening.

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