Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Groundhog day and 6 more weeks of Winter?

This week was insanely nice for several days.  It completely did not feel like winter at all.  On Groundhog day, it was 57 degrees and sunny.  Oh, for 6 more weeks of weather like that!  It didn't last, and by the weekend, was back to cold and rainy.

On Monday, we had our typical Monday, with Keira going to school and Soren and I going to the gym.  Keira had ballet in the afternoon.

On Tuesday, it was our first day of the nice weather.  It was pretty nice, and I had a hard time running inside on the treadmill while Keira was at school.  However, I had a very set workout that I wanted to do today and it would have been very hard with the stroller.  It also put us in St Matthews to be able to attend the storytime at the mall.

On Wednesday, I was able to get the jogging stroller out and take Soren for a quick run before my swim.  Soren did OK for his first ride, but did a fair amount of complaining.  He seemed pretty tired all week.  He did chose to ride in the stroller this morning, but it was still a bit chilly since it was early.  It would have been nicer to wait until the afternoon.

On Thursday, we had a busy day.  It was Groundhog day, and beautiful outside.  Keira was excited about it. Soren and I started off with an 8 mile run on Commerce Parkway.  He did a bit better today, but got bored since it was a longer run.  We finished up with our run and went to a playgroup at Emily's, my primary president, house. 

Soren had a good time, and I enjoyed chatting with some of the other moms from church.  That afternoon, it was beautiful.  The kids pretty much did everything they could outside.  We started with sidewalk chalk.  Sammy came over to drawn, and our sidewalk and driveway were covered.  Soren was very excited because he figured out that he could draw a sun.  He pretty much makes circles and lines when he draws, so this was a combination of the two things he can do.

We also got out the bikes.

As we were finishing up, Colton got out his power wheels 4 wheeler, and the kids took turns on it.  They had a blast.

We finished up the day with dinner at Chick Fil A.  Ryan had a boss in town from MI who took his team out for dinner.  Since we were on our own and it was kids night, I took the kids there.  I had to pack Keira a dinner, which drew a bit of attention because the employees there thought she had food allergies.  Unfortunately, the dinner ended in a meltdown from Keira because we couldn't play.  It had just gotten too late and everyone was tired.

Friday was another nice day.  I took Soren to the library storytime.

The kids received a Valentine's day package from Nana and Papa in the mail today, and were very excited about it.  We also learned that my parents will be coming to Utah to ski too, so we will have quite the crew out there.  The plans are shaping up nicely.  It was another nice day, but being the end of the week, the kids were pretty tired, and just played outside a little bit.

Saturday was a big training day for Ryan and me.  I woke up early to do a group run at VO2 Multisport, in the rain.  I am glad I had the group to run with.  They did 1 lap, and I did 2 to get in my mileage.  It was a nice loop, and big enough to run through a variety of scenery.  There was a race in the park this morning, so there were lot of soggy runners out there, although some were happier than others.  I got so wet that I really didn't notice the rain anymore.  After I got home and warmed up, Ryan did a trainer ride, and then we went out for an early dinner at Smashburger. 

Sunday was a relaxing day.  My class went well at church, and Soren and I took a decent nap afterwards.  I am really glad he did that.  Both kids have been really tired, and we needed a day to rest.  We did a quick webcam with Kris and Linda, and I got some cookies baked.  The kids will decorate them tomorrow.

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