Sunday, January 8, 2012

Warm weather for the first week in January!

This week seemed a bit crazy.  It was the first week back to school for Keira after a 2 week break, Ryan still had Monday off, and everyone was just trying to get back into the swing of things.  We had some unseasonably warm weather too, which meant the kids played outside quite a bit.  Soren and I went to the gym every weekday this week, which felt good to be back in the normal routine.  Soren argues a lot less when we go everyday, and he has made a new friend, Carter.  Carter's mom is also trying to go everyday too.

On Monday, I woke up and got Keira up and off to school.  Keira wanted Ryan to come to the bus stop, so he did, and then we went back to sleep for a bit, waiting for Soren to get up.  I took him to the gym with me so Ryan could get in a trainer ride at home, and then we went to Chick Fil A for lunch (since Keira is not a fan).  Ryan enjoyed watching some football in the afternoon, and Keira had ballet.

On Tuesday, it was a pretty basic day.  Keira had school, and I took Soren to storytime after going to the gym.  The kids didn't do a ton after school today.  Keira has been enjoying making paper dolls.  I cut them out and she decorates them.  There was more football on, and I rode the trainer once the kids were in bed.

On Wednesday, after school we had Gracie come over.  Soren was pretty wild, and didn't play the best with the girls, so it was rather tiring.

On Thursday, we had great weather.

The kids played outside today.  Soren had a blast on his bike, and Keira just had fun enjoying the sun and not needing to wear a coat.

On Friday, it was another beautiful day. 

Soren and I tried to go to storytime in LaGrange, but I had my times wrong and we missed it.  Once Keira got home, we played outside with Colton and Hannah. Soren is doing great on his balance bike.

Colton didn't stay long, but Hannah was happy to play all afternoon.  She is so quiet, and Soren played a lot better with her, and things were pretty quiet. 

Ryan worked a half day on Saturday, so the kids and I had a relaxing morning.  We read the books from the library.  The highlight was Knuffle Bunny, which has photographs from Brooklyn in it with the characters from the book drawn onto them.  The kids enjoyed being able to find the Laundromat in the book and the houses on Google Maps.  Keira also made more paper dolls.  This time around, she made them up to be my bike relay team, Team Tutu, with Me, Cristina, Kristel, and Michelle. 

So cute!  I put the dolls in my camelback to take my "flat" teammates with me on my 13 mile run once Ryan got home.  He biked after work, and then I went out in the mid afternoon.  It was very warm, so it made it easy to be out there.  It was tough running in the afternoon, but I did it all last winter.  My stomach felt off for a lot of it.  I don't think I ate enough, erring on eating too little instead of too much since I would have limited bathroom stops.  I also ran on a new road that was very steep.  Thankfully, I encountered 2 ladies from our ward, and ran with them for a little while.  It really cheered me up and helped break up the run.

Sunday was a restful day.  Getting done with church by lunchtime is nice.  My lesson went well, and the kids enjoyed theirs.  Soren is a cute Sunbeam.  Keira is doing well in her class too.  The kids played nicely after church too.

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WhisperingWriter said...

We are also enjoying the warmth in Oklahoma!

I love the outfits. Looks like you're a Gymboree fan too!