Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow in Kentucky and Martin Luther King Jr Day

This week was fairly low key.  It is nice to have a bit less going on these days.  We had our first winter weather, which wasn't a lot and didn't last long, but it did provide for a fun afternoon.  I also officially joined the Louisville Landsharks Tri club.

On Monday, we did the usual routine of getting Keira off to school and heading to the gym. 

Keira had ballet in the evening, and was excited to wear her tutu from Christmas to her class.  Soren played outside with bubbles while Keira was in class.

The kids enjoyed watching Ryan play some Angry Birds when he got home from work.

On Tuesday, we made it to storytime while Keira was at school.  I am feeling more chatting with the the other moms there, and we did the usual, storytime followed by train table today.

Once Keira was home from school, Soren shocked me.  He asked me to vacuum the floor (he had made "tracks" in the carpet with a train and wanted them to be gone), and then HELPED ME!  Wow!  It is awesome that he is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner anymore!

On Wednesday, we went to Chick Fil A, deviating from our usual Thursday outing. 

Thursday was a really big day.  Keira went to school, and it was a rainy morning.  Soren and I went to the gym prompty, because we had an appointment to tour a prospective pre school for next year.  Soren was hesitant, but he did seem to enjoy it.  I have one more place to check out for next week before I will need to make my decision.

As we left the preschool, it turned from rain to snow.  We got maybe an inch of snow?  It caused all sorts of excitment.  Keira and Soren had a blast playing in the snow; making snow angels, snowballs, and even a small snowman! 

It caused a bit of change for our evening plans, as I had planned to attend a running kick off meeting this evening with the kids that was the same time as the Louisville Landshark kick off, that wasn't really kid friendly.  The running event got cancelled, so I scrambled and found a sitter so that Ryan and I could go downtown for the kick off meeting.  It was really fun.  We hung out with our neighbors, Jen and Chris, as well as several other friends that Ryan and I had met at various rides and runs.  Keira and Soren also really enjoyed having their first babysitter in KY. 

On Friday, Ryan didn't have to work terribly late.  It was great to have him around early for the long MLK weekend.  We went out to Q'doba for dinner. 

Saturday was my long run day, and Ryan did a ride indoors.  We had a rather relaxing day and didn't do much.  We went to Smashburger for dinner, and then to Barnes and Noble.  I wish I had brought my camera into the store.  Keira and Soren had a blast in the children's area.  They played with trains, legos, and put on a little show in the storytime area. 

Sunday was another restful relaxing day.  I taught my class, and they are good group of kids.  We hung out around the house, and I took a good nap.  I am starting to come down with a cold.

Monday was Martin Luther King Day.  The kids were pretty crabby today.  I started with Soren popping a balloon outside, and neither wanted to go to the gym with me.  Ryan rode at home while I had a very good swim, considering how I felt.  We went to Hometown Pizza for lunch, and they had a buffet, which was very economical.  An errand to Target produced more problems with the kids, and we spent the rest of the day at home, reading, relaxing, and playing with the kids.

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