Monday, September 5, 2011

Nana and Papa Visit for Ryan's birthday

This week was Ryan's birthday as well as Labor Day weekend. Kris and Linda came down to visit with us, so we had a fun time showing them around our new city. Keira also continued with her "color week", although is quite ready to be selecting clothing of whatever color she wants now.

Monday was purple day.

While Keira was at school, Soren and I took the car to the dealership. Thankfully, the horrible noise it was making was due to a loose heat shield rattling around when the transmission shifted, and not the transmission itself, so that was a minor fix. I was without a car all day, so we hung out at home. I wasn't able to get the car back in time to take Keira to ballet, so we ran up there. It wasn't the easiest route, so Soren and I hung out at Crestwood Elementary's playground during Keira's class, and Ryan was able to get us once her class was over and get the car picked up.

On Tuesday, it was black day. Keira had wanted to wear her Halloween l/s tee, but it was too hot for that.

We went into La Grange to finally get a license plate for the truck and Soren was sad to leave since we didn't get the chance to see a train come by while we were there. We headed to the gym for a quick workout before storytime. Soren really did not want to go today, I think mostly because he was sad about the train. It was a very hungry caterpillar storytime, and we made an antenna craft.

 We met up with Ryan for lunch at Chick Fil A to return his truck to him and rescue the Mazda from Ford property (and bring Ryan his cell phone). I love going to lunch with Ryan. Soren was happy to see him too.

Ryan rode with the LBC tonight and we had Keira's friend Gracie over for a playdate. They had fun playing outside on our playground.

On Wednesday, It was brown day.

Soren slept in really late, and then we went to the gym for a swim and I did errands. I didn't get my run done with just Soren as I planned, so I took Keira and Soren for a run once she got back from school. I was able to get 3 mile done in our neighborhood with just going out and back to each end. Keira fell asleep in the stroller, so we walked down to our triathlete neighbor's house and chatted with them a bit while Keira slept. Ryan had scouts this evening, so we didn't see much of him. He had time to eat dinner quickly before it was time for him to leave. The kids realized that if they sit on the floor in the kitchen, they can see the TV in the relection on the fireplace while they snack. They are so funny!

Thursday was white day.

It was insanely hot today. It was nice to do my run inside on the treadmill. I did some more errands today and worked a bit more to get the house ready for Kris and Linda to arrive. It was a good day to be inside.

Friday was pink day. Keira was pretty excited about that.

I did a short swim in the morning and made a couple more stops to get the final things we needed for Ryan's birthday cake and Sunday dinner. We came home and then worked on finishing up laundry and getting the dining room ready for use. Keira and Soren played at Gracie's house for a little while this evening, and then we got some pizza at Hometown Pizza. We put Keira and Soren to bed before Kris and Linda arrived.

On Saturday, we had big day. Keira and Soren were so excited to see Nana and Papa. They had also brought cider and donuts from Plymouth Orchards. The kids enjoyed them (and so did we).

Ryan got up and rode with the VO2 group, and I did 7 miles from our house on Old LaGrange road. It was so much nicer running there in the morning than in the afternoon. It was shaded and fairly flat, at least once I got there. I am getting better at the hills, they didn't seem as bad on the way back. Linda made the icing for the cake I baked for Ryan's birthday. Keira and Soren enjoyed helping.

We got cleaned up and then headed to Chik Fil A for lunch, and then headed into the city. We started at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. It was really fun. It smelled so much better than an auto plant with all the wood. We each received a mini bat to take home too. No photography was allowed during the factory tour, but we did take some fun pictures in the musuem portion.

After that, we went to the Churchill Downs Museum and Tour. I wished we would have had a bit more time. It was amazing, and they had a great video. The man who led our tour was so passionate about horse racing. He also gave us some excellent suggestions for seeing the horses at the Derby without breaking the bank.

After leaving Churchill Downs, we went out to dinner at Mitchell's Fish Market for Ryan's birthday dinner. It was great. Soren was so tired, though, we thought he was going to fall asleep while eating. He did OK, though. We headed home for cake and ice cream before getting the kids to bed.

Sunday was Fast Sunday, and we went to church. Linda helped me with my class, and Ryan taught Elder's Quorum. We came home and had pork burritos for dinner, and relaxed at home.

On Monday, we had a busy morning. It was a nice cool morning, and really felt like fall! We got up and made waffles and eggs for breakfast. We then went on a drive to show Kris and Linda where we like to ride in Cherokee Park and the amazing homes surrounding it. We stopped in the park to let the kids play.

After playing, we went to Graeters for ice cream. It is so good! We sort of had it for lunch, but the kids did eat lunch once we got home. Kris and Linda packed up their final things, and then were on their way back to MI. We really enjoyed their trip to visit us, and had such a fun weekend.  We finished up the day with some biking and then got ready for the rest of the week.

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