Sunday, August 28, 2011

Color Week and Ballet Class for Keira

This week was pretty busy.  Keira started ballet, and studied color thisi week.  We also were excited because Ironman Louisville was on Sunday, and while neither of us were participating, I had several friends here for it from MI, as well as friends I met here doing it.  It is really an amazing event.

On Monday, Keira had red day, so she and Soren both wore red.

She also had her first official ballet class that was not with a friend.  She enjoyed the class, and we are hoping that this will be an OK class for her.  The other girls have more experience with her, so hopefully she'll do OK.  The class is through the county's rec center, so there isn't really another class that we could do instead that works with our schedules.

I also did the Monday Mayhem ride at VO2.  We felt a lot faster today, and the group seemed more together, but my average was still pretty low.  It must be due to all the hills.

On Tuesday, it was blue day.  I took Soren to Pottery Barn Kids for storytime.  He really enjoyed it. 

On Wednesday, it was yellow day. 

Soren got himself into some interesting trouble.  He made this ladder to get a costume.  I found it afterwards.

Here he is playing dress up.

We also got the bikes put up on the wall. 

On Thursday, it was green day. 

Soren and I had a bit of playtime at after lunch.

For dinner, we went downtown to meet up with several people from MI who were in town for the Ironman this weekend.  We went to the Old Spagetti Factory for lunch with Amy, Mark, Tara, Alan, Chad, Dicron, Angie, and her family.  It was fun to get together with them, and the kids were pretty well behaved.  Here is a picture from Amy's phone.  It isn't the greatest, but it is what we have.

On Friday, it was orange day.

We also headed out to La Grange after Ryan left work early to get license plates.  We forgot that we did have the title to Ryan's truck, and that the bank didn't have it, and didn't look for it before going.  Thankfully, we found it as soon as we got home, but it is difficult to get over there before they close, and the truck plates expire on Ryan's birthday, which is next week!  It was a bit stressful, but we should be able to get it squared away next week in time.  Keira and Soren were THRILLED that a train went through La Grange while we were there.  It was a bit freaky to be on the tracks this close to when the train went by.  Nothing like seeing a train in your rear view mirror!  We were the last car through the gates, and pulled into a parking spot quickly.  We hoped out in time to see the train go by.  It goes very slowly through town, and the kids sat in the grass to watch it.

Saturday was a very crazy day.  Ryan woke up early to do the VO2 ride.  While he was riding, I did a 6 mile run on Commerce Parkway.  Ryan finished up the ride and I picked him up from VO2 to take him downtown so that I could do the charity Underpants Run for the IM.  Several of the ladies from the Monday ride were going to be down there, and they were trying to win the largest team award.  It was fun, and I am glad I did it.

We also walked around a bit downtown to see transition and I had wanted to go the expo.  The kids were done, though, and ready to be out of the stroller.

We dropped Ryan back off to get his truck, and headed back home for a quick lunch.  Then I ran the kids over to a birthday party by our house.  It was fun, and the kids splashed in the pool.  They also had a lot to eat, which made dinner for us a problem.

We went to Home Depot and got our grill as well as some final items with our last coupon.  It took a long time, so the kids just had leftovers for dinner quickly, and then we had some pizza.

On Sunday, we all slept in a bit.  It was great.  I made breakfast and then went out to the bike course of the Ironman.  It goes very close to our house.  I was bummed that I missed Amy, who was also out cheering people on.  I did see Dicron on the bike, as well as another TIA guy, which I am not 100% sure who I saw, in Buckner.  I had on my TIA shirt, so I know he saw that.  I also think I saw Rhonda, who had missed a timing mat and had a lot of people worried about her as a result.  I think I was able to sort of relieve some people when I said I think I saw her.  She did great.  I think I saw Chad in La Grange, but it is really hard to tell.  Lots of people had his outfit, but I did see one person with his bike too.

We went to church, and my class was terribly busy.  I amazingly didn't get through my lesson, mostly because I had to stop so many times.  I am not used to going long with a class this young!  After church, we packed up sandwiches and drinks to take downtown while Ryan went home teaching.  It was so fun being at the finish line.  I just missed Chad cross the line, and got there to see Mark.  I missed Alan, and heard his name but couldn't find him.  I saw Rhonda on the run, as well as Becky.  I also ran into Dave from New Balance who was also spectating.  I hung out with him a while, and then Chad and his brother came by.  We got some fun pictures of Chad with the signs that Dave made.  Chad did great, and might even get a spot to Kona, if everyone in front of him doesn't go.  Keira and Soren had a blast.  The loved cheering for everyone, and were really happy to wear there IM shirts with Chad.  Soren didn't care, but Keira was sick of having her clothes picked for her and was ready to wear what she wanted.  She finally did "get it" when she saw her IM shirt for sale and the logo everywhere, and wanted to wear it.

I finally took the kids home, and by the time they had dinner and were in bed, everyone else I knew finishing up had already finished except Chad's dad.  I am tempted to go back down, but with the mazda making a funny noise and the early day tomorrow, I don't think it is wise.  It would be pretty cool to see the very end, though, when those final people come across at midnight.  Dave said it is something else, very loud, and lots of free stuff to spectators sticking around.  At this point, I think I am staying in.  I was very inspired today watching everyone cross the finish line.  It was amazing.  Someday, maybe that will be me!

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