Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Days of Fall

This week was pretty low key.  We needed some downtime after last weekend.  Waking up early every morning for school has been making us pretty tired.  We did find some fun things to do around town.

On Monday, the most exciting thing that happened today was that the Mazda turned 100K today.  I had thought it might happen on the return trip, but we were 11 miles short. 

Keira wore one of her "Keira dolly" outfits today, and Soren complained a bunch about going to the gym.

We did still have some of this left to keep Soren happy, though.

On Tuesday, Soren slept in really late.  We didn't have time to go to the gym before going to storytime, and we almost didn't go at all because there is one at the library here at the same time.  We did go, and got double stamps, so it was worth it. 

We also learned that while we out of town, we missed a train festival in LaGrange, and saw a picture in the newspaper of the "Flying Dutchess", an old steam train that looks like Thomas the Tank (Soren thought it looked like Percy).  After storytime, we headed into La Grange to find the train.  It was just a shell, as it had been taken apart for transportation to La Grange, but Soren loved it.  He did notice that it couldn't "chug", since it was missing peices.

Since we skipped the gym, I took Soren on a short stroller run in the neighborhood.

On Wednesday, it was a bit bleary out.  Once I got Keira on the bus, I got Soren ready to go for a run in the neighborhood.  Keira wore this outfit on her first day of preschool for Miss Sheila's class!

We did go to the gym for a short swim workout after the run, but Soren still complained.  We checked out the Y after, but Soren didn't seem any more interested in going there either.  It is just as well, as it is expensive compared to Urban Active.  It is pretty nice though, smaller, but nice.

On Thursday, we went to Keira's book fair at school first thing.  They each picked out a book to keep. 

I thought the sun looked cool coming in the window this morning.

We also started getting things out for fall, since today was the last day of summer.   The kids always love wearing their bone jammies.

On Friday, I took a rest day and took the car in for its 100K oil change. 

We kept the rest of the day low key and baked up some chocolate chip pumkpin muffins.  They were easy and very tasty. 

We went to Michael's today, and Soren fell asleep in the car, and stayed asleep the entire time in the store (we were just browsin), back into the car, and made the transfer back into his bed at home.  I also got the rest of the fall decorations out, with the exception of the one new thing I couldn't find.  I am sure it is with something really strange, since it was new and wasn't put away with the Halloween things.  I did see it in the new house, so I just have to find it.  I was feeling really run down, and ate so many muffins that I didn't feel like eating anything for dinner and just wanted to go to bed.  The kids had left over pasta, and I had a bit of it as well, and then went to sleep.  Soren woke me up at 10:30.  Ryan had not been able to get him to go to sleep at all, due to his long nap late in the evening.

On Saturday, I felt OK given the 12 hours or so of sleep I got.  It was a bit drizzly, and so I did an easy run in the cool dampness.  After I finished up running and taking a shower, I took the kids over to the Hike and Bike on Commerce Road.  This is the road that has the nice stroller friendly path that I like to take the kids to run.  They closed off the road, so Keira and Soren could ride in the road.  We didn't stay long.  We got there with about a half hour left to go, and there weren't many people there.  Keira and Soren did a bit of riding, but we ready to go by the time it was officially over and they opened the road.  Keira was pretty grumpy.  She didn't like Soren to be ahead of her at all.

We got my medal hanger hung today.

We had hoped to go to Hubers today after Ryan was done watching the UM game.  We got loaded up in the car and ready to go, and started off.  It is about a 50 minute drive.  We got stuck in really bad traffic from contruction.  There was a detour routing everyone the way we needed to go, which also was under construction, and then there was an accident to complicate things.  We hopped off the freeway to try to take River Rd downtown to pick up the next freeway, and made a mistake getting back on the freeway.  We couldn't get to the road we needed to, and it pretty much routed us back the way we came, and there was no way we were sitting in that traffic again.  The kids were pretty bummed out when they woke up at a restuarant, and not the farm.  We had a nice dinner at Cheddar's instead.  It was one of those unusual dinners where we ordered them each a dinner, and everything got eaten.

On Sunday, we attended church as usual.  Soren is still on his "tie" kick, and did not want to wear his tie under his vest today.  He is so funny.

Ryan went home teaching, and we were home taught, so it was a pretty full day.

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