Sunday, August 7, 2011

Getting Settled, sort of

This week was filled with working on the house.  We are still waiting on our carpet, so we were a little limited with what we can set up.  Keira attended her kindergarten orientation, and we worked on getting our wall hangings up.

On Monday, I woke up to learn that I won a medal hanger for my running and triathlon awards.  I was very excited because I had just decided over the weekend the one I had planned to order.  Now I could just go ahead and get the one I wanted.  I worked a bit on sending the emails required to claim my prize.  Then we hit the gym for a bit.  It was annoying that I had to wait a while for the pool.  After that, we did school shopping for Keira's school supplies.  It was pretty funny, Keira and Soren were both thrilled to get new supplies (we got duplicates for home for Keira and Soren of the crayons and notebooks since they were inexpensive).  It reminded me of the Meijer commericial with the excited kids, except they were excited for real.  We also went to the playground store to inquire about a canopy for ours, which is missing.  The let the kids play on the outdoor showroom, and they had a blast.  It was really hot, as it was all week, so we didn't stay outside too long.

I did get to do the ladies ride on Monday out of VO2.  It was fun to ride the Trek again, and thankfully had no issues with it.

On Tuesday, we had a busy morning, going to the gym and then to storytime at the mall.  We were in a hurry because we needed to be home by noon to catch our microwave repairman.  Our window was noon-5pm.  The kids enjoyed the storytime.

Once we got home, we were there pretty much all afternoon hanging out. The microwave guy didn't come until 4:30. He was not terribly helpful, collected his deductible, and was on his way. He did not seem to think that either the microwave or dishwasher would be covered under the home warranty. This made me angry, especially since I had to pay his company, and not the warranty for nothing. Ryan and I did not feel very hopeful about this. The dishwasher was not a shock, as that was more degraded from improper maintenance on it, but the microwave he was trying to say that it had been not working for a long time. Really? The microwave that we left broke overnight, as well as every microwave I had ever owned previously. One day it worked, the next it didn't.  We had an inspection report that said it worked that wasn't terribly long ago either.

On Wednesday,  I recieved a call just as I was walking into the gym from the microwave repairman stating that he was not able to get our claim covered, and wanted to charge us something astronomical to fix it.  He must not be very bright.  Not only was I really angry, but if he had been smart, he would have worked harder to get our claim covered himself so that his company would actually get the business to do the rest of the repairs.  I made  a call to our agent, who was furious, and took it upon herself to contact them and push our claim through.  I had just wanted her opinion on the matter, but was at the gym and unable to do much.  We were in limbo for most of the day, though, so we could not move on either issue.  We also decided to try a new park today.  I had heard good things about the EP Tom Sawyer Park from friends in MI, and there was a triathlon planned for this coming Saturday, so I figured it would be a great place to run, especially because it was so close to home.  Well, I was a bit dissapointed when I got there.  The running trail was really a trail, made of cinder and some spots were almost gravel, and it was only 1 mile long.  It was super hot, and the clouds darkened like it was going to strom, so we pushed through 2 loops before stopping and playing at the playground.  The storms seemed to stay in the distance, but I didn't think I could take anymore of pushing the kids in the stroller on the cinder.  Ryan rode with VO2 tonight.

On Thursday, we got the news that the microwave would be covered by the warranty.  Yeah!  We were given a specific model to check for size before ordering.  I also got in a nice long indoor run on the treadmill in the A/C.  It felt so much easier than yesterday's slog.  That evening, we went to Keira's kindergarten orientation.  She had a great time meeting her teacher and Soren LOVED the opportunity to sit on the bus.

After the that, we went over to Best Buy to get a dishwasher ordered.  I had been dying without a dishwasher.  The microwave is not a big deal, as we have just been cooking without it on the stove (which is just the same as the one we bought at our condo, so I love it).  The dishwasher is a huge pain, and my hands are all cracked and yucky like they get in the winter.  I tried wearing gloves, and that drove me more batty than the cracks.   We selected one and are still waiting to hear about its delivery, but at least the end is near.  That evening, my good friend and former college roommate was in town.  She was our first overnight guest, although the house is no where near entertaining standards yet.  It was great to catch up with her.

On Friday,  we got up and worked out, as well as did errands.  We met up with Lori for lunch.

We did a few more errands, and then the kids wanted to play outside in their sprinkler.  Having our own yard and playground have been such a wonderful blessing.  The kids really enjoy it. 

On Saturday, I woke up with the intention of going on a run first thing in the morning, but instead, we spent some time working on hanging things in the house. It really made it feel a lot more like our home, with out pictures and things personalizing it. Since most of our living room furniture is new, it was nice to see it coming together. We still need to redo the carpet here, so we have not put much on the bookcase or endtables really. We also realized that the curtain rod for our room had a defective part, and so that needed to be returned. We got to a stopping point, and it was not terribly cloudy, Ryan decided to ride and I took the kids to this road, Commerce Parkway, which had 3 miles of paved multi-use path. It was a tad hilly, but otherwise, a great run. We dodged the weather, which seemed really ominous for a while, but we stayed dry. Ryan did a short ride from the house, and then Soren rode though the sprinkers. Keira wasn't really feeling a ride, so she spent time inside. We also met more of our neighbors, including a girl who will be in Keira's class before heading out to do more errands for the house. We finished up the evening by getting dinner at Hometown Pizza and then the DQ for dessert.

Here are a few pics of the living room:

On Sunday, I slept in really late from all the work on the house keeping me up late.  We pretty much hung out around the house before church.

Since it was fast Sunday, I bore my testimony at church today.  I am so grateful for all the blessings that we have received recently.  I am thankful for this new home and for how friendly everyone we have met has been. 

We made a turkey breast in the crockpot so it would be ready when we got back.  It was a new seasoning for us, one that I got from Costco since they were sampling it.  We overcooked it a bit, but the seasonings were great.  It came with two, so hopefully the next time around it will be more moist.  We did a webcam with Kris and Linda before putting the kids to bed.

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