Sunday, August 14, 2011

Keira's first day of Kindergarten!

This week was pretty crazy.  Keira started Kindergarten, which was exciting for all of us.  We also finished up some rather involved home projects.  We ended the week with a trip to the Cinncinati area to go to IKEA and the outlet mall.

Monday was a busy day for me and the kids.

We went to the gym for a swim, and then headed back home to start on moving items and small furniture so that we would be ready for the new carpet to be installed on Tuesday.  I made trip after trip down and up the stairs.  We had several boxes in Keira and Soren's rooms that had never been unpacked, so those were pretty easy to get down.  Once Ryan got home, we moved the bigger peices.  Furniture moving discs are magic!  It was amazing how we were able to move our bedroom set while it was completely full using those discs.  We also took apart our bed, and slept on the mattresses.  While it was not ideal to recarpet the whole house after the movers brought our stuff, it was not nearly as horrible as I feared it would be.  It was a late night after a hard day, but we went to bed with only a few things for me to worry about in the morning.  We also had a couple of neighbors who could be available during the day to move things if we needed.  I did take a few "before" pics of the carpet in the living room, so you could see why we were doing this project.  *note, we have speaker wire laid out on the carpet, so that it can be placed underneath during the installation.

On Tuesday, the carpet installers were here pretty early.  I did have time to take down Soren's bed, as well as Keira's before they arrived.  The actually had no problem moving the little furniture remaining, as well as shuffling it around without charging us extra.  Their big thing was that they didn't want to have to put it back or put anything together.  That was fine.  It went faster than I thought.  The scheduler said it would be a long day, but it wasn't terrible.  We also were able to get our microwave replaced today, and so that was great.  It was wonderful to be able to boil water in 2 minutes again!  Also, since we were lacking a dishwasher still, it was nice to be able to cook veggies in the microwave in a bowl instead of a pot on the stove.  We got the house put back to some degree, and Keira had a playdate with our neighbor, Gracie.  They are in the same kindergarten class.  We put the kids down early, and worked more on the house.

Wednesday, I got up early, and Ryan got up late so that we could both see Keira off to school.  Ryan gave her a blessing, and we headed out to wait for the bus at 7:05am!

Soren was very tired, so he was pretty crabby in the morning.

Keira got on the bus, and I followed it to school.

Here she is getting off the bus.

In front of her school.

I walked her to her classroom, and there was a coloring page for her to do first.

Here she is with Ms. Hollinden, her teacher.

After I saw her to her classroom, there was a breakfast for other kindergarten parents.  I met a couple other parents of Keira's classmates.  They were both relatively new to the area as well.

Once I got back, it was still pretty early in the morning.  The gym wasn't going to be open for over another hour, so I took Soren out for a "fast stroller ride" in the single stroller.  Once I got back, there were a couple other neighbors who had just returned from their run.  I chatted with them a bit, and hopefully will run with them next week.  I did go to the gym for a short swim, and then spent the rest of the day working on putting things back where they go.  It was pretty much a 3 day project for the carpet, but it was very worth it.  Soren crashed hard on the couch while watching TV, and he was OUT.  I tried to wake him up around 6:30 for dinner, but it was no go.  Keira tried to wake him up, and I wouldn't let her.  She did bring him his cheetah, so that was cute.  I just put him in his bed, and hoped he wouldn't wake up at 3am sad and hungry, but he made it until 7am the next day.  14 hours of sleep!

Thursday, Day 2 of Kindergarten, went well.  It feels so early to get up, Soren woke up from his marathon sleep session just in time to see Keira get on the bus.  He was very sad that we didn't go to school to see Keira get off the bus again.  He enjoyed that a lot yesterday, and got very excited as each bus arrived.  I was so tired, but went to the gym anyway.  I amazingly had a great long run on the treadmill, despite being so tired.  We did a few errands, and then returned home to work on the house some more.  Soren likes picking Keira up from the bus stop after school. 

Keira had another playdate with Gracie, but she came over today, since Soren would have been sad if Keira left.  The kids had a fun time, but I was pretty spent. 

Ryan and I worked on finishing up the kids dressers before bed, so that I could finally stop living out of boxes.

On Friday, I got Keira off to school and then hung out with Soren to wait for the dishwasher installers to come.  I was really not enjoying the lack of dishwasher, so I could not wait for them to arrive.  My hands had gotten covered in cracks and the winter eczema had come back in the meantime.  The came in fairly early, but I didn't feel like going to the gym anyway.  I finished up working on putting everything back in the rooms that was moved for the carpet.  After school, we just relaxed at home for a bit, and then went outside to bike while Ryan mowed the lawn.  I was pretty exhausted after the whole week, and went to be slightly after the kids were in bed.  It was a pretty boring evening.

On Saturday, Ryan woke up to do the VO2 ride, and I got up and ran 6 miles on Commerce Parkway with the kids.  Once we got back, we got cleaned up and headed to Ohio to go to the outlets and IKEA.  We stopped at Chipotle on the way, of course.  We started at the outlets and bought mad towels at Ralph Lauren for great prices.  They were 30% retail regularly, and the whole store was an additional 30% off.  Score!  They didn't have the replacement sheet we needed, but at least the towels were a super deal.  We also stopped into the True Religion Outlet, and I got some super cute jeans for what I consider to be a great deal. Others (including Ryan), may disagree.  I may not be allowed to wear them until Christmas, though.  That is OK because it is too hot for jeans right now anyway.  The kids had fun at the outlet.  They had some fun in the play areas. 

We then went to IKEA.  We got some frames, stools, and a mirror for our dining room.  We also had dinner there, and got ice cream for the kids.

Once we returned home, we learned that the power was out in our neighborhood.  We had just enough time to get the kids in bed before it got too dark.  Thankfully, we have the candles unpackes, as well as my huge 3D cell purple mag-lite.  I am glad it is purple, because the movers laughed at it when they unpacked it, so I remembered exactly where it was, and happened to leave it out when I had to clean out the cabinet for the dishwasher installation.  Ryan went out to pick up some anchors from Home Depot and then picked up Graeters for us.  It was nice to have a low key candlelit evening after a long day.

On Sunday, Ryan went into work for a few hours before church.  We were asked to come in early to discuss our callings.  I was called to be the Sunbeam teacher, with another teacher.  It is a large group.  Ryan will be the 11yr old scout assistant.  They meet on Wednesday nights, so it will be the end of his VO2 Wednesday rides.  I went to Primary today, and it is a large Primary, and my class is large.  The regular teacher was not there today, so it was a bit crazy.  It will be interesting to see how it is different when the regular teacher is there, instead of a sub, and once the kids get used to me.  It was a bit difficult to spend the whole sacrament meeting refereeing Keira and Soren, and then do the same thing with children that I didn't know during sharing time.  Once we got to the classroom time, it was a bit better.  Soren was very excited to wear a tie like Ryan today to church.  It was adorable, and he kept his church clothes on all day.  We did a short webcam with Kris and Linda, and chatted with Tyler, but realized we need to pay for the version of skype that allows video conferences.  We had an early evening since the kids were so tired and worn out in general.

Up for next week, more getting adjusted to Keira being at school.  We are getting close to the house being under control, and have a few more things to hang, as well as some custom matting that we need to do.

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