Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kicking off Racing Season!

This week was a busy week for me with my races. I had 2 races this week, which will thankfully only happen one more time this year for me. Two races in a week is pretty hard on my body, and it messes up my longer distance training, but it is still super fun!

On Monday, I took Keira and Soren swimming at the gym after my swim. Keira had been asking to go swimming for several days, so I finally made time for her to do it. The water was chilly this time, because it was the normal pool temp. Soren wasn't too sure at first, and Keira was a little hesitant to let go, but we had a great time. It was a really crowded morning too, which I like because I always feel safer that way.

We also spent a lot of time outside today. We playing in our yard as well as the playground. The trees in our neighborhood also looked really beautiful. Keira was slightly bothered by all the petals on the ground, and didn't want to walk on them.

On Tuesday, Keira had school. Here is the project that she brought home.

Soren and I had some fun outside today while Keira feel asleep. She is at that stage where she probably should nap about every other day, but just doesn't want to.

Wednesday was a busy day. I woke up and knew I had a race in the evening, but went and swam anyway. I didn't really do much with Keira and Soren after my workout. They have been playing with the train a lot, and I also had to get myself registered for the race.

I also received my Team Compex welcome kit with Sport Elite unit, visor, and temporary tattoos.

The RunFit 5K is a fun race, and has many pluses: close to our house, inexpensive, great cause- Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and on a Wednesday (doesn't interfere with Ryan's Sat rides). It also tends to draw some really fast people, and has some pretty fast times. I couldn't believe how well I did today. I finished with a PR of 21:19, and a 6:52/mile pace! I was 9th overall female, and second in my age! I got behind some fast ladies, and just tried to hang on. I actually was able to pass them both in the last quarter mile. For a 5K, I can stand to be slightly uncomfortable for the whole thing, and I certainly was pushing it to my limit.

On Thursday, it was a really nice morning, and Keira had a fun day at school today. They played outside on the playground, and studied frogs today.

We grabbed a quick lunch with Angela from school, and then were off to get Soren's hair cut. He was looking pretty scrappy. He did really well today, and he was almost too comfortable. He didn't want to sit still and was all over the place, which I am not sure if that is better than him being scared. At least when he was afraid, he sat still in my arms. Kasey did a great job despite his wiggles. After the haircut, we headed into Farmington to play at Shiawassee Park. This was our first time to this park this year, and Soren was entirely fearless. He climbed up to the top of the HUGE slide and went right down it. This park is a little harder to watch both Keira and Soren, because it is so big and the structure is a little more difficult to navigate. It is close to home, so we will likely be back again soon.

I am glad we went when we did, because the weather turned a bit sketchy. It rained in the early evening, which spoiled my running plans with Jessica, but I needed a rest anyway. Ryan was able to get out for a quick road bike ride once the roads dried up a bit.

On Friday, I got in my swim. We also went to the Novi Sports Park for a little bit. This is always so fun for Keira and Soren. Soren was so funny today, though. He got really mad when we passed our playground and didn't stop. He understood that we were going to a better one.

That evening, when Ryan got home, we went to Lakeshore Park so Ryan could ride. Soren was a bit nervous on the slides for some reason at first, but finally started going down them again. We also ran into Jen and Liam from the gym. Her husband, Bill, was also riding the trail, so we will likely have more playdates here in the future.

After we left the park, we went to pick up my race packet for tomorrow's race, the Like Like Andi 10K. Finally, we had a carbo loading dinner at Noodle's and Co, one of Keira's favorite places to eat.

On Saturday, we were woken up by the sound of thunder and pouring rain. This meant that Ryan cancelled his ride for the morning and we no longer needed Linda to watch the kids while I ran. I managed to stay dry for my race. It turned out to be another great race. I have never raced a 10K before, so this is a PR by default, but also probably if you compare my 10K time to any of my other races longer. I finished in 46:15, which placed me 2nd female, 4th overall, and first in my age. Barb also ran with me, and it was great having her before and after the race. I also ran into Dale, who won the 10 miler event (which was delayed by the rain), as well as Cristina. Cristina won the 10miler event for the women, and was actually 3rd overall, just a little behind Dale. This is a great race, and for a great cause. (I don't have the race shirt on for the race, I have on the shirt from the first race in 2008)

After the race, I got cleaned up and we did some shopping at REI, our favorite store. I was able to find 2 dresses there, and I can even wear them to church! We got our mother's day shopping taken care of, and then headed to see Greg and Ellyn's new house. It is a really nice home, and their improvements are coming along well. it will be great to see it once their furniture arrives and they get unpacked. We finished off the evening with a dinner at Chipotle with some tired kids!

Sunday was an easy day. Kris and Linda were at church with us for Stake business, so that made Sacrament go by much easier with the added help. We also split the nurseries into two today, so that made all the children (including Soren), much happier to have more attention and less distractions. Keira was the "spotlight" in Junior Primary, which caused her to be a little embarassed by the extra attention, but she didn't cry. When we got home from church, Soren did not want to go in the house. He grabbed his crocs and handed them to me, and then picked up my flip flops and pushed me towards the door! He grabbed his hat and was ready to go. It was so cute, I had to take him out for a little bit. It was drizzly, so one lap of the court was enough for him to come inside.

Ryan made grilled salmon for lunch, and then I made chocolate chip pancakes for dinner, and got a nap inbetween, so it really was a great day!

Up for this week, we have a lot of business to take care of. I am taking Keira to the dentist for her first cleaning tomorrow, and need to head back to the dermatologist, as well as host a presidency meeting. Hopefully we can sqeeze in some fun before I take Keira and Soren down to Ohio for the weekend.

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