Monday, May 10, 2010

Girls Night and Happy Mother's Day

This week was a pretty fun one, with a very busy weekend. I had a lighter week from a workout standpoint as recovery from my races last week, and headed to Ohio for dinner with my college roommate/sorority sisters and to hang out with my parents.

On Monday, we hit Maybury as a family in the evening. Poor Keira, she fell asleep during my run, and stayed asleep the entire time we were at the playground.

On Tuesday, Keira had school, and studied rectangles. I had a follow up visit with the dermatologist for my eczema that afternoon. They cut out a small section to do a biopsy, and I should get the results back next week.

We also went to Maybury again today.

I made the mistake of telling Keira that we could go bike to get ice cream yesterday while Ryan was at scouts, but forgot that I had a call in for Team Compex. Keira was pretty bummed out about that tonight. The call in was very informative, and I feel confident about using the machine now. I also got my aero bars put on my bike tonight. It took a while, so I didn't really get a chance to try them out yet. I rode on the trainer for about 10 minutes to make sure I had them set alright.

On Wednesday, we went to the sports park in the morning. Soren and Keira both amused themselves for quite some time just walking on the "beam" that went around the perimeter of the park. Soren would go around until he got to a section that had some weeds growing through the mulch, and then would get agitated by them. It was pretty funny. They did enjoy the rest of the park too today.

The weather wasn't the greatest when Soren got up from his nap, but Keira was still really wanting to ride to get ice cream. It took a lot longer than I thought, and just as we arrived and got our ice cream, we got rained on. Ryan had to come and get us. Keira loves ice cream, but Soren isn't a huge fan, but he had a few bites.

Thursday was pretty low key. Keira went to school and learned about rockets and space.

Keira and Soren played outside a bit today in our yard. They love playing ring around the rosey together.

On Friday, after my workout, I drove down to my parents house. My parents were going to watch Keira and Soren while I went out to dinner with several of my sorority sisters and roommates for their annual girls weekend. Due to every one's finances in general, this was a fairly low cost low key event, which contributed to my ability to attend this year. I only attended dinner, so I could spend some time with my parents this weekend. Prior to dinner, we went over to the school closest to their house to play on the playground. Keira and Soren loved it, and there were several different structures around the school grounds.

I had dinner at BJ's Brewhouse with Lisa, Christa, Steph, Amanda, Biz, Colleen, and Elsa. It was fun to catch up and see everyone face to face, as well as get some girl time.

After dinner, Christa insisted we go to Graeters for dessert, and got no complaints. We got to meet up with my dad too, because his Lion's club was fundraising outside the Westerville location.

On Saturday, my dad and I started the morning with a tough bike ride in strong winds. We made it 25 miles, and it was so much harder than the stats showed. There was a high wind advisory in effect by the time we were done, with gusts upwards of 40mph! I was thankful for my new aero bars, because they certainly were a huge help in these high winds. After our ride, we went to the zoo to see the brand new polar bear exhibit. Sarah was able to join us too. It was a pretty miserable day to go to the zoo, but it kept the crowds under control, and we were able to see the polar bears in action. Keira and Soren had a great time, and loved spending time with Grandma and Grandpa!

After the zoo, I headed back to Michigan so that I could be back for church. While I was gone, Ryan saw Ironman 2, and also had a bike ride. The wind was a challenge for him as well. He and Kent also got a blog up and running for their rides.

Sunday was Mother's Day. Keira and Soren both had handmade presents for me. Keira's came from school, and Soren's came from church.

We went to Kris and Linda's after church and had lunch with Greg and Ellyn, the cousins, and Sharon. Keira loves playing with her cousins, and had fun running all over the place with them. Soren and Lleyton also pushed their strollers everywhere. They are so cute together.

Up for this week, I have a lot more training to do, as well as I should learn some more about my skin condition. I am also blogging on the Team Compex blog. The site has been added to our links.

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