Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthdays and Yoga Class

This week was a fun but short week with the holiday. We had 3 birthdays in the family this week, including the birth of a new niece/cousin. We are also trying to figure out if Keira needs a nap or not. She didn't nap much towards the beginning of the week, but by the end, was taking some huge ones. I think as long as I keep her up late into the afternoon, she will take one.

Tuesday was a typical recovery day of sorts for me. We didn't have to get up early or do a lot today. We did go over to the Steoger's for a visiting teaching playdate. They are moving, so Keira won't get to play with Averie anymore in nursery. I got a run in while Ryan was at scouts, and we had time to stop at the swings. However, while Ryan was at scouts, I noticed a big puddle of coolant on the ground where Ryan's truck was parked. Not good. By the time he got home and I ventured out to investigate, the reservoir was totally empty. Needless to say, this meant that I would be taking the truck into the shop the following day. This also meant that I had to call everyone from my presidency to ask if we could move the meeting to my house. Since a meeting usually turns the hostess's home upside down, no one hardly ever has a problem when someone else volunteers. I also learned today that our crib was recalled. I guess it is a good thing that Soren hasn't slept in it more than 2 nights. Keira was fine, though, but she has always been a lot smaller/lighter than Soren.

Wednesday was a crazy day, to say the least. It was Kris's 60th birthday today, so Ryan took him balloons and out to lunch. We started the morning with the presidency meeting, which was attended by 2 extra children this week, so things were extra crazy. We had an amazingly short meeting, which was great because I needed to take the truck in. We also managed to catch a break in the rain to take it in, since I planned to walk back so I wouldn't have to switch the carseats for the shuttle. A few hours and a couple hundred dollars later, we had our truck back in working order. I also got our crib partially disassembled and our recall packet completed while we were stuck at home. We should be able to get a brand new crib of our choice out of the deal, provided it is equal to or less than the price of our crib. Keira is standing "inside" our crib with the mattress support removed. I needed to remove the mattress support plates and bolts so that the pieces cannot be used as a crib if someone were to remove it from the trash. Click here if you are concerned that you may be affected by the crib recall to learn more information.

Later that evening we met up with Kris and Linda at Pei Wei for his birthday celebration. We had a great time, and went back to our place for some great desserts.

A lot of things happened on Thursday. We welcomed Riley into the world, daughter of Tyler and Minde. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! All are doing well.

I also had to run around and try to get everything done that I hadn't been able to do on Wednesday being stuck at home. Ryan went out to Planet Rock in the evening for a long overdue climbing session. I had to cancel my riding plans due to the rain, but was able to go running instead with Soren in the single jogger. He was being a bit crabby and in need of a nap, and I knew he would sleep better on a run than in the house with Ryan and Keira. It was AMAZING how much easier it was to jog with just the single stroller and not the double. Here is Soren sucking on Keira's arm. We all thought it was pretty funny.

Friday was a really fun day. We had a relaxing morning, and then I took Keira to Itsy Bitsy Yoga, a free class at the library. Keira really enjoyed it. I was worried at first. On the drive over, she said, "I don't want to eat yogurt" and had seemed unhappy about going. Once she got warmed up in the class, she had a blast with her friend Katie. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

After the class, we went to the Novi Sports Park for the first time this season. It was pretty hot, so we didn't stay too long, but still had a great time.

It was also Soren's eight month birthday today. He is not quite able to pull himself up, and still not quite crawling. He rotates and rolls to get things. He also gets really mad when he is removed from the bathtub or a toy is taken away. He is really developing a little personality, but he is still such a happy low key baby. Here are some pictures.

Saturday was a big day for both Ryan and I. I started the morning off at the Book 'N 5K in South Lyon. I ran this race last year with a family from our ward that also runs, and they were running it again. I met them at their home, and dropped off Keira and Soren with their oldest daughter, Emma, who also needed to watch their youngest daughter, Paige. This was Soren's first experience with being watched by someone other than a family member, and it went great. Keira also had a great time playing with Paige. It was also my first experience with using a youth as opposed to an adult to watch Keira as well. Dale, Kimberly, and their two sons, Cameron and Parker, ran the 5K. I was happy to have a great time of 23:36, which was good enough for a first place finish in my age group. Dale was second overall, and first in his age group, and everyone in his family that raced received an age group award as well.

While we were running, Ryan was riding with the Wolverines. Due to the threat of bad weather, they rode a shorter route to Brighton and back. Upon their completion of this, a good number of riders felt that they still had more in them and the weather was holding up, so Ryan as well as his friends rode an additional 20 miles on Hines Drive. This brought the total mileage to 67 miles. Great job guys!

While Ryan was still riding, I got these pictures of Keira leaping on our bed. I kept reminding her to watch out for the footboard. These photos all went well, but we had an incident on Sunday with the footboard that resulted in a fat lip.

I passed up the opportunity to go road biking so that Ryan could help move the Steogers to their new place. While Ryan was doing more work, I was able to get Keira and Soren to nap together so that I could nap too. We were both pretty worn out in the evening, and didn't do much else. Soren's new favorite toy is the wipe container. He LOVES it, and gets so crazy looking when he plays with it.

Sunday was a very lazy day for us. Ryan didn't feel the greatest and stayed home from church today. He took some cold medicine that probably should have been reserved for the nighttime, and it knocked him out. Fortunately for me, Linda had already planned to go to our sacrament meeting, so she helped me with Keira and Soren. Once Keira is in nursery, it was a breeze. Today is also my sister's birthday. We were unable to celebrate with her, but we wish her happy birthday!

Up for next week, we have our second and final yoga class at the library, and hopefully will make it to Maybury for some riding. I am also going to attempt road biking outside with Valerie B. I am sure it will rain or something, since I feel destined to ride my road bike inside only.

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