Monday, June 8, 2009

Brick for me and more Yoga for Keira

This week started off really really slow. Ryan and I both hadn't been feeling the best over the weekend, but finally started feeling better and getting out and doing a lot as usual. We made a few trips to Babies R Us crib shopping, and were able to get some great work outs in due to the weather cooperating.

On Monday, I didn't hardly do anything. I was not feeling the greatest, but mostly just exhausted. After laying around all morning, we finally ventured out to the mall so Keira could burn off some engery and make it easier for me to watch her once we returned home. I did get a quick run in with Soren once Ryan got home because Keira took a long nap!

On Tuesday, we did mostly errands, nothing terribly exciting. Ryan had scouts, so I saved a few errands for the evening as well.
Soren started eating puffs. This is what he thinks of them. He made some great faces.

Wednesday was a busy day. We started the day at the mall to meet up with Valerie, Katie, and Luke. Kris, Grace, and Carter joined us as well, and we hadn't seen them in a long time, we hadn't met Carter yet, who is almost a year already! We did the usual, play in the play area and in the food court. Linda also met up with us at the end of the playdate for a snack. Soren and Luke are pictured below.

Grace, Katie, and Keira. This was the best shot of the three girls. They wouldn't all look/smile at the same time.

That evening, we went to Maybury as a family and had a great time. Ryan got a little muddy on his ride.

Thursday was another low key day. The naps schedule was all messed up on Wed, so we needed to rest up today. Keira actually took an interest in hair bows today, and wore one all day long. We couldn't believe it. Here is hair bow #1 that came from Lucy.

She actually wore this hairbow/flower all day long. It went with her dress a little better than the purple bow.

I was able to ride Maybury with Cristina this evening, and once I got back, Ryan road biked with David.

Friday was a busy day for us. We started off the morning with our second and final installment of the itsy bitsy yoga. It did not go as well for Keira or Katie this week. I don't know what happened. Soren was a bit more demanding this time, and several other children were losing interest, so it just turned into this contagious mess of crabby children. The instructor actually ended it early because the group was just not paying attention. You can't tell how bad it went from the pictures, because it started off better than last week, but faded fast.

After the yoga, we went to Busch's to get some last minute items and their chicken salad which is the greatest. We also got a balloons. Soren and Keira both love them so much, and we had an incident earlier in the week when we didn't get one for each of them. We were glad to have gotten two, because Keira let hers go outside on accident immediately upon our return home. It was a good thing we had a spare, and Soren was able to "share" his balloon with Keira better than she shared her balloon with him.

I spent the afternoon making cookies from the Martha Stewart cookbook for an auction for our church youth. We attended the spagetti dinner and had a great time. While we didn't come home with any treats, we did bid on a few and get a small taste of some of the items that we missed out on.

Saturday was another very athletic day for Ryan and I. Ryan rode with the Wolverines, as usual, and it was nice for us to not have to rush off and do something in the morning for a change. We did, however, leasurely go to Babies R Us to order the crib that we had finally decided on. We should have it within 2 weeks. Our pack n play has been doing double duty with the crib out of commission.
Keira really enjoys watering the plants. We spent some time outside before Ryan returned.

In the afternoon, Ryan took Keira outside to bike in front of our house. I had the opportunity to do a "brick", which is a triathlon training term for when you do two sports back to back like you would in a triathlon. I went out to Island Lake state park with Valerie B and rode 12 miles on my road bike immediately followed by running 5K. It was really fun, and while it was not easy, it was not so taxing that I decided that the mini triathlon that I was planning for September may not be sufficient. We went out to dinner and Keira was given these little pigs that she was very excited about.
On Sunday, the nursery celebrated Keira's birthday. It is customary to do the birthday song the Sunday before a child's birthday. Keira was given a card and a sticker (which she STILL has on her arm) and they sang happy birthday to her. She is getting pretty excited about her upcoming birthday. We also went to Kris and Linda's for a great dinner afterwards. We had some great cupcakes made from Martha's cupcake book. Keira is so much like me, getting chocolate all around her mouth when she eats.
Soren is SOOO close to crawling, but still not there yet.
Matching chocolate faces!

Today, I put my swimming skills to the test. I had been thinking all weekend about doing a longer tri, so I really needed to get in the water and make an assessment of how bad my swimming skills really are. I met up with Valerie B again where she graciously let me us one of her guest passes to Lifetime Fitness so we could swim together. I am not so good of a swimmer. Once I got over the inital ackwardness of it, I was able to alternate lengths of free style and swimming on my back to keep going for a while without stopping. Hopefully I can get a few more times in the pool before my upcoming race. Otherwise it could be really ugly, but at least I am confident that I can do the bike and run because I did them on Saturday. I was pretty wiped out the rest of the day, so we just hung out at home until Ryan got home from work.

Up for the rest of the week- we have a lot of excitiment. Keira will turn 3 on Saturday, and I will compete for Ford in the Corporate Cup Relay. This week will be spent doing birthday and race prep, so hopefully the weekend will go well.


Casey * Haley * Avery * Owen said...

I loved Keira's hair bow on Sunday, she looked so cute. You need to come over and learn how to make bows... it is addicting and so fun. Cute pics of you guys... that Soren is such a cutie, it is making me so excited for our little guy to come!

Luna said...

It is always nice when you can get back out and about after not feeling well. Good luck with the birthday party and training.