Sunday, May 17, 2009

Visit to Grandma and Grandpa's House

This week we made an quick visit to my parents house during the week. It was my first long drive with both children without Ryan. It was a short visit, mostly because I wanted to deliver my mother's day present to my mom. Fortunately, she had a couple of unused personal days to take to spend more time with us than I had initially thought.

Tuesday morning I hurried and got on the road with Keira and Soren as quickly as I could. We made it to our "usual" exit to eat lunch at McDonald's, and got into Westerville with only a small amount of crying in the car. Keira was very excited to see her Grandma, and Aunt Sarah stopped by to say hello. We exchanged our mother's day presents, which was the main reason I wanted to make the trip. I had hand prints of Keira and Soren made on clay tiles for my mom and Ryan's mom, and was very excited to have them both have their gifts. We had a laid back afternoon letting Keira play outside, and then once my dad got home, we hit Chipotle for dinner and then did a bit of shopping. Keira was excited to play at a mall. We hadn't been to the mall to play since before she was sick.

*most of the pictures from Tuesday/Wednesday are on my mom's camera, and I will need to add them later*

Wednesday was a busy morning, since I wanted to get on the road as soon after lunch as possible so that we could maximize our driving time and let Keira and Soren sleep in the car. My dad works from home on Wednesdays, so he started work super early to be able to take a running break with me while Soren took a short nap. We also did some more shopping. We stopped into an old friend's, Heather, store called "Generation Green" because she was working in the morning. It is a really nice store, and I did an entry on my other blog, A Fat Lot of Good, about it. We grabbed some lunch at Baha Fresh (Keira and I both love Mexican food), and I was headed out on my way to Michigan. The weather turned rainy, so I was really glad I got a run in with my dad, because it rained almost the whole afternoon and evening once I got back. It was as short visit, but very fun. The drive wasn't too bad, so hopefully this summer I will do it again from time to time.

Thursday was back to normal at our house, only I had to play catch up with errands. We started the morning at Kindermusik where Keira had a great time as usual. Soren is also becoming a lot more interested in the storytimes, and pays attention pretty well.

We also had to make a quick stop at the mall, and I was amazed that I didn't struggle to get Keira to leave the play area today. She was actually fine with going home when I asked, which usually never happens.

Ryan went on a bike ride in the evening with David and after I finished running with the stroller, Keira was able to go on a bike ride too. We enjoyed the dry weather for the evening and spent most of it outside.
Keira got a kick out of seeing her bike next to Ryan's.

Friday was another busy day for us. We went to the library storytime, and they are almost over for the school year. Soren has a good time at these as well.

I had made plans to go biking with Michelle, but those got foiled by the weather. We met up at Maybury and it started to sprinkle just as we got to the trailhead. We decided that since it wasn't a downpour, we could do the first section of the trail as fast as we could and then assess the situation once we got to the a point where we could head back quickly. Sure enough, it was raining pretty steady by the time we got to our exit point, and so we were only able to get in just under 2 miles. It was still a fun time, though.

Saturday we did our typical routine of Ryan riding with the wolverines in the morning and me having my turn to exercise in the afternoon. The weather was gloomy all morning, but it stayed dry for his ride. I took Keira and Soren to a special Saturday storytime and we went a bit early. Keira loves the Clifford books, so we checked out her favorite, the first in the series, as usual.
The girls in the class always sit so much better than the boys!

Once Ryan got home from his ride, the weather really improved and it became a beautiful day. We headed into downtown Northville to get some lunch at Rebecca's, a great little restaurant right by the bike shop. I had a pretty heavy lunch, but still managed to do a whole loop of Maybury that afternoon on my bike. Ryan cleaned up our back patio, but we still need to put our marigolds in.

Sunday was a pretty standard Sunday. We went to church, and Ryan participated in the blessing of our friends, Michelle and Kevin's, baby Leah. They live in VA now, so it was nice to see them and their new little girl. We had a laid back afternoon at home. Soren was pretty cute clowning around in the morning.

Keira and Soren both are enjoying his new toy from Grandma!
Up for next week, we are staying in town, but will have some playdates and our final library story time until the summer schedule starts. We are looking forward to Memorial Day weekend, where my parents will be coming up to visit us. It is so nice to be able to see them so often.

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