Saturday, May 2, 2009

Major Feats of Atheleticism

This week was an unusual week. Keira continued to be sick for the majority of the week, she wasn't really well until Friday, so it made for a tough week with LOTS of laundry as a result of her condition. She spent most of the week either in her room or on the couch watching television. We did make it out of the house a bit on Wed and on Saturday, she was well and back to the usual. Ryan and I also put our bodies to the test with our running and biking.

Monday was a challenge for me due to Keira's illness. I really tried hard to keep her and Soren separated and keep them happy. One of her unusual requests that I could actually grant was her request for waffles. Since she had not eaten much of anything all weekend, I thought those sounded perfect because she really needed some calories, and she will just eat that has syrup on it.

Ryan and Soren were also rocking the same color scheme today.

Tuesday was another rough day. Ryan stayed home from scouts because I needed the break from trying to keep Keira and Soren separated and happy at the same time. Right before bathtime, I got some interesting pictures of Soren in the bumbo seat. Keira used to do the same thing in it and get all upside down.

Keira wore her Easter dress today around the house because I was willing to do about anything that would make her feel a bit better.

On Wednesday, it was Soren's 7 month birthday. I took a ton of pictures of him today, and since we were still stuck in the house for the day, there wasn't much else to do. He isn't crawling, but he is very squirmy on his stomach and rolls and writhes all over the place. He also has two little stubs of teeth coming through on the bottom. They have broken the skin, but that is about it.

Keira was looking a lot better today as well.

Once Ryan returned from work, we figured that some fresh air would do everyone some good, so everyone came with me when I ran the Run Fit 5K at the Novi Town Center. This is a great little race that is a pretty fast course and usually has a lot of fast runners. I was very excited with my finish time of 23:28 and 3rd place age group finish.

Thursday was more of us just hanging out at home. Keira was doing a lot better today, but we still laid low to allow her to get some extra rest. I did let her get closer to Soren today, but still didn't really want her touching him.

On Friday, things started to get back to normal. I managed to get out of the house to do some much needed grocery shopping. Keira had a strong opinion of where we went shopping. First, she asked if we were going where she could sit next to Soren (Costco), and then asked about Trader Joe so she could push her own shopping cart. She was not happy to go to Meijer where she would have to sit in the front of the cart with Soren in the basket. I caved and we went to Trader Joe and thankfully, they had a small cart available when we walked in. We have gone before and there weren't any, and she cried the entire time until one became available. The trip did wear her out considerably because this was pretty much all we were able to accomplish.
Keira is back on her usual spot on the couch after our errand. She has a balloon and a big smile, though.
On Saturday, the morning started with a squirrel desiring to get into our condo to eat the crumbs Keira was dropping all over the floor while watching him. We couldn't believe how close he came to our door with us inside.
Also, Ryan and I decided to see what we were made of. Ryan started the morning with a 50+ mile ride to Ann Arbor and back with Kent, David, and the Wolverines. It was a beautiful day, and he felt like the ride was easy today.
While Ryan was cycling, I went and did another 5K, only this time I had the double jogger. It was the Live Like Andi 5K, and Keira goes to storytime at the library with Andi's niece. Andi was an amazing woman, and I hope you check out the link and read her story. I was a bit apprehensive about racing with the stroller for 2 reasons; the start and the fact that this was race #2 of the week. I had been unsure if I would be able to do it for Keira's health reasons until the last minute, and didn't really try to find someone to come with me to watch the stroller. I actually could have run without the stroller, though. When I got to the race, Dale, from church, was there and already done with his race, and offered to watch them for me. I thought about it, and decided to go ahead and run with the stroller partially because I had gotten all psyched up to do it, and partially because I knew it was my second race in the week and wanted an excuse for a poor time/place. Well, I was really glad I ran with the stroller. The start was not bad at all; Keira was a bit unsure of what was happening since she had always been on the sidelines, and Soren was quiet as usual. The course was pretty flat, so I was able to finish in 26:00, which was actually good enough for first place in my age group! My chip wasn't recording, so I am not sure if I will be added to the actual online results or not.

Keira really likes it when I get medals at races. This was a pretty cool looking one with the foundation logo on it.
Soren wore his awesome jogging stroller shirt today. I want to get one for Keira too, for when I take them to the races once it warms up enough to not need to wear a jacket. He wore it to the race, but you couldn't tell.
As if Ryan and I had not tested ourselves enough today, we were able to go mountain biking together at Maybury while Linda watched Keira and Soren there. We brought Keira's bike so she could ride too, but spent most of her time at the playground while Ryan and I exhausted ourselves on the trail. It had been too wet to ride for the whole week, and although tiring, it was very fun.

Keira is actually wearing pants while not on her bike! It is only because we are still at Maybury.
She wanted her dress back on as soon as we got home. Silly girl!
Ryan wrapped up the night by attending the adult session of our Ward Conference. We will be attending the general session as a family tomorrow. We are not sure what the next week will hold for us. I know I will need to play catch up on my errands and prepare for our big Primary Activity day next weekend. I will also be looking forward to a big Mother's Day breakfast, which we are already stocked up for.

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