Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Keira!

This week was Keira's actual birthday, and her party.  We also had our countertops installed, and Ryan was on a high adventure trip for the majority of the week.  It was pretty crazy over here to say the least!

Sunday night, once we arrived back in KY, we hit the ground running.  Ryan was packing for his upcoming high adventure trip with the youth.  It consisted of 50 miles of hiking and canoeing with 17 14-16 year old young men from church, in South Fork, KY.  I also had to prep the kitchen for our countertops to arrive in the morning.

Monday morning we were up early to cleaned up, fed, and ready for the countertops to be installed.  Our arrival time was between 8am and 10am, and we were ready!  However, we received a call that there was some vehicle trouble, and that they wouldn't arrive until closer to 10.  Unfortunately, we got another call, and they didn't end up arriving until after 11.  It was pretty much a wasted morning.  We did eat lunch at home, and they arrived.  We had some trouble getting the water to turn off to the kitchen, so we had to turn it off to the entire house.  I was worried that we wouldn't be able to turn it back on once the countertops were in, since we wouldn't have the sink hooked up until tomorrow, but thankfully, they were able to hook up the new faucet without the sink to close up the open valve.  I was concerned that we would need to get in another plumber today to replace the broken valve or stay in a hotel.   The countertops look FABULOUS! 

Once they were in, we headed over to St Matthews so that I could go to the gym during the evening hours and then hit up Chick Fil A for dinner.

Tuesday was another early day.  Thankfully, our plumber was very prompt.  However, the granite folks took a part that they should have left for the garbage disposal.  I was apparently confused about what parts needed to be left for the disposal to be hooked up.  The plumber was quite annoyed with them, and had to run out to pick up a part from Lowes.  Thankfully, there was no charge for this.  He also didn't seem concerned about the broken shut off valve in the kitchen, so we didn't have that replaced.  It was so great to have the new sink in!

That afternoon, we headed out for a run, and when I got back, the water in the shower was cold. I was wondering if we had just emptied the tank when we turned off all the water, but that did not seem to be the case. I called my neighbors, and Lisa sent John over to check it out and relight the pilot light. That always stresses me out. Thankfully, we didn't need a new water heater. It was just so frustating that it went out today, and we had already had a plumber out. It was a rough start to having Ryan gone, but the kitchen looks wonderful. It was ready to make cupcakes this evening for Keira's birthday tomorrow.

Wednesday was Keira's 6th Birthday! 

We packed up lunches and headed to the gym.  After the gym, we met up with Molly, Ava, and Caleb at the Zoo.  Keira was so excited to ride on the butterfly on the carousel, as well as seeing all the animals.  It was a great afternoon.  The kids were worn out!

We finished off the night by going to the Olive Garden for dinner.  It was Keira's choice. 

Thursday was spent doing a lot of errands for the upcoming party this weekend.  We were very excited to get a phone call from Ryan today telling us that he would be returning home tonight!  Everyone had missed him a great deal this week. 

Friday was a busy day.  Ryan had planned to take today off all along, so he did.  I went on a run and then my parents arrived around lunchtime.  We headed out for lunch at Smashburger, and then went home to work on the cake for tomorrow's party.  We had dinner at home, and continued to work on the cake.  It turned into quite the project.  The layers were too thick, so it got all wobbly.  We ended up putting a drinking straw through the middle instead of dowel rods, and then let it stand in the refrigerator overnight to help prevent it from sliding everywhere.  It was fine until the sides were iced.

Saturday was party day. Ryan and I both started the morning with group rides. The weather looked fine when we started, but it quickly went downhill. I got stuck in the rain and the storm at a gas station for a while, and opted to cut my ride a few miles shorter than I had planned. I felt like I was running out of time and didn't need to do much more mileage anyway. I finished up just in time to receive a call from Ryan, who had taken shelter in a barn from a thunderstorm. I was able to pick him up. The weather was crazy, because by the time we got home, it was beautiful and hot again. We got cleaned up, and did our Father's day card exchange a day early since my dad was here.

Next up was Keira's party.  It was fun, but a bit crazy.  I probably should have asked a few more parents to stay and had a couple more activities.  The great thing was that the kids all had fun, despite the stress.  Everyone slept really well that night!

Sunday was a much needed relaxing day.  We hung out at home and did a webcam with Kris and Linda.  Happy Father's Day, Ryan!
Soren was so worn out, we noticed he had been really quiet and went looking for him in the house.  He had gone to sleep in his bed on his own!

Keira's friend, Tainey, gave her this dress for her birthday, and she changed into it after church.

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