Sunday, June 17, 2012

Michigan Mountain Mayhem 2012

This week was a low key week, followed by a huge weekend.  We spent the first half of the week in KY, and then left Thursday to head to Canton, MI, and then spent Friday driving up to Boyne City for the Michigan Mountain Mayhem ride.

Monday was a busy rainy day.  We went to Lowes in the morning to pick up our sink to make sure it was OK before we picked out our granite slab in the afternoon.  Ryan met us there, and we made a color change from St Cecilia to New Venetian Gold.  They are very similar in color, but the grain is different.  We liked the character of the New Venetian Gold slab that was on display.  I had entertained the idea of riding that afternoon with the ladies, but it was just raining too hard.

Tuesday was another full day.  We went to the gym in the morning, and then we went to the storytime at the mall.  It has been harder to make these over the summer than I thought. 

After the mall, we played outside for a bit on our playground, and then headed over to the aquatic center to inquire about swimming lessons.  I was able to get the kids all signed up for two weeks each for the middle of July.  Hopefully that goes well and we have good weather for their lessons.  They enjoyed playing on the playground after we were done.  They built up some serious static with the slides!

On Wednesday, I decided to switch things up a bit and instead of running before going to the gym, we ran after, and went to a park again.  The kids have such a great time going to playgrounds, even though we have our own swingset.  I feel like this part of summer is what we had been missing.  We had fun playing in St Matthews near Seneca Park.

Thursday was the start of our trip. We spent the morning at home so that I could make sure everything was all packed and ready to go, while we waited for Ryan to get home from his half day at work.  We got everything loaded up and had an uneventful drive up to MI.  We got in right around the kids bedtime.

Friday was another day of driving.  Keira and Soren headed out early to go to Bryn's kindergarten graduation, and we headed out to do a few quick errands before meeting up at the Blankenship's house. 

We had two vans going up, the boy van and the girl van.  I rode up with Valerie, and Ryan rode up with Dave, Kent, and Austin.  We made it up to Boyne City right around the time of packet pick up.  We picked up our packets  and ran into my friend Kristel, who was also riding.  Next stop was the hotel in Petosky, and then to the City Grill for dinner.  We had an early night to prepare for the big ride the next day.  I woke up a couple times due to rain and storms, so that made me a bit unexcited.

We woke up early on Saturday to eat and get to the start.  It was still very wet.  Thankfully, but the start, it wasn't raining anymore, but just wet.  Ryan and his friends from the Wolverin Sports Club started off first, since they were doing the 200K route.  I started shortly after with a smaller group of Wolverines.  I had made arrangemts to ride the 160K route with a new friend, Stephanie, and her husband.  There was a small group of us planning to do that route, and Valerie was starting a bit after us, with the group that was doing the 100K ride.  I had a blast doing this route.  It was very challenging, and I enjoyed the opportunity to push myself.   Ryan had a good time with his friends as well.  It is the most challenging ride that either of us has ever completed.  I was glad that we all had good days.

Valerie and Kent decided to stay the night in Petosky, so our group split up.  We got cleaned up and the on the road back to SE Michigan, in Dave's van with him and Austin.  It was late when we got in.

Sunday was a much needed relaxing morning.  We celebrated Keira's birthday early with Kris and Linda in MI.  We had a great breakfast and hung out until it was time for them to go to church.  Then it was time for us to get on the road and head back to KY!

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