Sunday, July 15, 2012

Princess Ballet Camp week and HOT!

This week was a really fun week for Keira.  She was able to attend Princess Ballet Camp every day at the Oldham County School's Art Center.  It was every afternoon, so we had to be up and going early every morning to get my workouts done, and did errands while Keira was at camp with Soren.

On Monday, we got up and headed to the gym.  We didn't have a lot of time between the gym and camp, so we rushed right home.

 Keira was very excited to go as Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).

Soren fell asleep in the afternoon, and woke up warm.  This was the start of him not feeling so well.

On Tuesday, Soren seemed a lot better in the morning, so we went ahead and went to the gym (since he had already been exposed to those same kids earlier in the day yesterday) and then storytime.  It was a full morning!

Keira got ready for camp.  Today, she opted to wear her recital costume.

Soren again feel asleep in the afternoon, and woke up with a slight fever.  Poor little guy!
We were also able to try out our homemade chalk this evening.

 Keira made these crafts at camp:

On Wednesday, we had big plans.  However, when I went to start the car, the battery was dead!  We had AAA over to start it, and then took it to tri county ford for a new battery and oil change.  They got us out of there just in time for camp!

We got Keira to camp, and then I took Soren for a run.  It was a fabulous run.  It wasn't terribly hot, and it was a bit shaded on Old La Grange road.  We were offered the opportunity to tour the firestation, but Soren was a bit afraid. 

Soren was able to squeez in another nap today, but I had to wake him up to get Keira. 

We also saw a hot balloon this evening.  We had just put the kids to bed when Ryan called me to look at it.  I almost got them up, since it was so close!

Thursday was another busy day.  Since we didn't go to the gym yesterday, I really needed to get a swim in today.  We headed to the gym in the morning.

Keira went to princess camp in the afternoon, and I did errands. 

It was so hot!  When we got back from getting Keira, we put bathing suits on and the kids played in the sprinklers while I washed the car.  Soren really enjoyed helping wash the car. 

I went on a bike ride that evening outside.  Thankfully, it had cooled off a little bit, and I rode a mostly shaded route, so it wasn't terrible.

On Friday, we were up and out again early.  We got back home in time to head to princess camp.  Since it was the final class, there was a performance/mini recital the final 15 minutes of class. 

Keira looked so cute during the performances.  They did 3 routines, 2 for her class only, and 1 camp wide dance.  She is very excited to do ballet again in the fall.

Saturday was another super hot day.  Ryan woke up and got riding.  He was out before we woke up.  When Soren woke up, he complained that his ears were hurting.  Keira had a birthday party to attend, and I had made arrangments for her to ride with Gracie.  I was bummed that I wasn't going to be able to go with her, because it was at the science museum downtown, and sounded really fun.  However, with Soren having a new complaint and another fever, it was a good thing that I had done that previously.  I was able to get Soren into the Dr's office shortly after I dropped Keira off.  Sure enough, Soren had an ear infection.  We tried to avoid going into CVS, but it was not avoidable.  I caved and bought Soren the space shuttle that he had been asking for since the last time someone was sick. 

Ryan beat us home, and then I headed out for my ride.  It was really hot.  I did 1 loop of the La Grange/Sligo loop on the IMKY course.  It turned out that there was an iamtri ride that day, and met up with some people in the Sligo gas station.  I was glad I wasn't supposed to ride long today, because it was just so hot!  I had my fastest time for this loop, despite the heat.    After I got back, we headed over to church to clean.  It went really fast, and then we had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. 

On Sunday, we attended Sacrament meeting as a family, but I took Soren home after that since he hadn't been on medicine quite 24 hours yet.  He hates taking his medicine.  We had a restful time waiting for Keira and Ryan to come home.  We played games in the afternoon and had a webcam.  It was still really hot today, and then we had a big thunderstorm in the evening.

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