Sunday, June 3, 2012

Oldham County Arts Center Spring Dance Recital 2012

This week was pretty fun.  We had a low key week with some cooler temps and wet weather, but we had a great weekend with Keira's first dance recital!

On Tuesday, we had an unplanned rest day.  I woke up and it was storming.  It was dark and grey out, and the kids didn't get up until after 9!  Keira came out of her room first, and I got her breakfast, and then went up to check on Soren.  He was laying in bed, eyes open, with his hands on his ears!  I felt bad that I didn't check on him sooner, because he was afraid of the thunderstorm.  I don't think he had been awake too long, because he wasn't really eager to get up.  He felt warm, and had a low fever, but it went away as the morning went on.  We pretty much hung out at home for the day, just doing an afternoon errand.

Wednesday was a more normal day.  We started the morning at the gym, and then in the afternoon, we went to the La Grange Library for the kick off of the summer reading program.  The kids had fun, and we met up with Molly and her children, Kaleb and Ava, and we also ran into some of Keira's friends from school and church.  It was really fun.

On Thursday, we had a busy day.  We went to the gym and then got some lunch at Chick Fil A so that we could do errands while we were out. 

On Friday, I went on a long ride in the morning and Tatie came over to watch the kids.  It was a cold, windy morning, but I was able to get out and do the loop portion of the IMKY course for a total of 44 miles.  We had one last errand to do, and the kids did not want to leave the waiting area! 

Then it was time to get Keira ready for her dress rehearsal.  We were allowed to take pictures today, but not tomorrow, so I tried to take as many as I could during her routines.  She was so excited!

On Saturday, it was a big day!  Ryan got up early and rode "the pancake ride" to Eminence, KY, and back, with a stop for a pancake in Eminence.  While he was out, I took the kids for a run on Old La Grange Road.  At one point, when we still hadn't seen a train, Keira asked me to go an extra mile.  I was still feeling a bit tired from yesterday's ride, and was very happy that one came by shortly after she said that.  We also saw all the fire engines out of their stations when we got back to the car, and they started to put them back as we packed up to head home.

We had a quick lunch, and then it was time to get ready for the recital!  Keira did a great job, and it was fun to watch the company dancers.  I liked the arrangement of the performances, with the younger children mixed in nicely with the older and company routines, and it flowed very smoothly.  Soren was also well behaved, and enjoyed watching the dancers.  On Keira's tap routine, she didn't see us in the audience, but on her ballet routine, she noticed us, and looked so excited and gave us a little wave!  She was adorable!

After the recital, we came home quickly, but then headed back out to attend a birthday party for Jacob.  He is the younger brother of Keira's school and dance classmate, Kaylee, and will be in his preschool class next year.  The kids had a good time, and were very tired by the end of the day.

Sunday was a relaxing day.  We went to church, and then I took a long nap aftewards.  The kids played a lot in the playroom, and then cleaned it back up today for a brownie!

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