Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

This week was another week where Ryan worked 9am to ?  He was at work a lot this week.  Hopefully there is just one more week of these hours.  We had a fairly quiet week, but a full weekend.

On Monday, we got Keira off to school and I headed to the gym for my really long swim of the week- warm up followed by 50laps.  It feels like it takes forever, but I am still improving.

Keira had ballet in the evening, but when we got back, she wanted to play one of the dancing games on the kinect.  She is getting pretty good.  It is funny to see which songs she likes.

On Tuesday, while Keira was at school, I did a long run at the gym since I need to be riding more on the weekends now.  We made it to storytime after.  For the summer, I think this will be the only storytime that we can attend, unless we switch to the St Matthews library due to the summer time changes.

That afternoon, I met with my leader for cub scouts, and I am very excited to have someone to take the lead now.  We also went to have dinner with Ryan at subway.

On Wednesday, I again went to the gym while Keira was at school.  We did a few errands on our way home, but had a relaxing day at home. 

We also received some early mother's day presents in the mail, Cheryl's cookies from my aunt, and a card and check from Linda.  I need to take some pictures of the flower baskets that I bought with it.

On Thursday, we did a bit of running around while Keira was at school. 

After Keira came home from school, I was able to ride my bike.  Kinsey watched the kids, and took them into the field to pick wildflowers.  They had a blast.

I also picked up my new landshark kit, and wore that for my ride.

Friday was a relaxing day. We ran some items over to our stake Swap n Shop, which is a free thrift "store" for the community on Sat. After school, the kids wanted to go back to the field to get more flowers.  After that, we had a date night.  We had Brianna come over to watch the kids so Ryan and I could see Avengers.  It was such a fun movie.

Saturday was a crazy busy day.  I woke up early to try to do a group ride with Alan and Amy.  They are super fast, so I wasn't going to be really riding "with" them, but due to construction on 71, and then a charity walk, it was impossible to get to the starting location.  As a result, I was able to ride with Erin, who I had tentatively made plans with the night before, but had been unable to reach due to her oversleeping.  We headed over to Indiana, and rode along Utica road.  It was a great ride, exactly what I needed.  It was relatively flat, and went through a variety of scenery.  At one point, I felt like I was in Ocean Isle due to the large tall homes on the Ohio River.  It also had old Victorian homes, like on Jefferson Ave in Detroit, as well as green, wooded areas.  It also had a bit of industrial and farming too. 
Once I returned home, Ryan had flowers for me for Mother's Day!  They are so pretty!

He prepared to go for his ride.  I was really worried about the weather for his ride, and had prayed that the weather would hold out.  Otherwise I would have felt terrible having taken the morning timem slot to ride.  He loves riding more than I do, and he needs the training time more than I do right now.

While Ryan was out, I made the controversial decision to meet up with Amy and Alan for dinner.  I was supposed to meet them at 5:30, and with Ryan not leaving until as late as he did, I figured I would pick up something from the Tumbleweed for him on my way out.  Unfortunately, with graduation and prom both being this weekend, it was a mad house.  We opted to skip it, and ended up at El Nopal for some inexpensive and fast mexican food.  Ryan was not super excited when he got home and had to use the lockbox to get into the house, and had to struggle to get the doors open.  Nor was he excited about getting El Nopal takeout, since we had just eaten there last week, and had burritos for dinner last night.  Everything ended up fine, and I headed home as soon as the kids were finished with their meals.

Sunday was Mother's day.  We attended church as usual, and similar to our previous ward, they gave all the mothers candy bars!  They also had arranged for men to cover all the women's third hour responsibilities, so that they could all attend Relief Society, and the young women joined us as well. 
We came home from church, and had a big breakfast for lunch, since there was not time before.  I took a super long nap, and the talked with my mom on the phone.  We had a nice dinner, and then did a webcam with Kris and Linda before the kids went to bed.  It was a great weekend!

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