Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Week of Kindergarten!

I can't believe that this was Keira's last week of Kindergarten.  It came up so quickly!  We started school early here, compared to MI.  We had no snow days, so the year ended on time.  It was a week filled with fun events.  Ryan was STILL working a split shift, so we didn't see much of him during the week.

On Monday,  Keira headed off to school and Soren and I headed off to the gym.  I did my long run today so that I can free up my Saturday for riding.   Keira had ballet after school today. 

We had initially thought we would go to see Ryan tonight, but forgot about the roller skating party tonight! I was glad we had ballet, because I thought it was on Wed, and Ginger, Kaylee's mom, reminded us.

On Tuesday, I took Soren to the gym and then storytime while Keira was at school.  We had cub scouts in the evening, and it was my first time at scouts where I had a leader with me.  It has been a big relief to know that I am not doing this on my own anymore.   We had hoped to go see Ryan at work for dinner tonight, but things just got too late.

On Wednesday, Keira headed to school, and Soren and I did a stroller run on Old La Grange road before my swim.  It was a super fast run.  Soren was also happy that we saw a train on our route, as well as a fire engine leaving the station and several other EMS vehicles.  We had to drive through the accident area on our way to the freeway, but it wasn't too bad to get through.

That afternoon, we had Sammy over for a little bit after school.  The girls played for a little bit, and then we went to do a few errands.  We picked up our sink from Lowes and went to Target to get a birthday present before meeting Ryan at El Nopal for dinner.  We had a good dinner, but once Ryan came home, we got the sink opened, and realized it was cracked.  That was a bummer.  I made muffins for Keira's teachers to take to school tomorrow.

Thursday was field day for Keira.  She was very excited, and Lisa was going to watch Soren so that I could "volunteer" and watch.  As soon as I got there, Mrs. Hollinden told me that Keira's eye looked red, and we were worried she would have to go home.  She let her stay to do field day.  They had a bunch of different stations set up outside and in the gym.  Some of the games were a bit complicated for her class, but everyone still had a great time.   They had a few stations with water, and Keira wasn't too sure of those at first, but got into them once her classmates got excited about it.  It was a fun morning!

I went and picked up Soren, and then we squeezed in a quick swim before the gym daycare closed.  We had just gotten off the freeway to head to Meijer when we got the dreaded call from school that Keira needed to be picked up because her eye had gotten worse.  She was really sad that she had to leave, and was worried that she would miss her last day of school party.  I was able to get her in to see the dr in the early afternoon, and got her eyedrops.  Our evening plans were cancelled so that we could lay low and not infect anyone else. 

Friday morning, Keira was up very early, and her eye looked a lot better.  We had been told that as long as it wasn't crusty in the morning, she could come to school.  We got her ready, and then I met her at school for her party.  They started out with musical hats, played like musical chairs.  Then they decorated their hats and stick horses.  They went outside to do stick horse races.  Keira actually galloped instead of ran.  After they finished up outside, they came inside and signed shirts for each other.  It took them a while to get all the shirts signed, and then that was it! 

I picked up Soren, and then took him to pick up a few things, as well as a space shuttle.  It was the exact one he wanted from CVS, but it was a lot cheaper. 

 Then, we went for our last single stroller run until next fall! It wasn't quite as fast, but we still saw a train, so he was pleased. Then we waited for Keira to return from school!

Our neighbors, Dana and Tim, are moving next week, so we attended a going away party for them at Jessica and Kyle's.  We had a great time, but the kids were worn out, and ready to go home pretty early. 

Saturday was a big long day! Ryan was up and on his bike by 6:15am to do the "Pancake" ride to Eminence with Chris, our neighbor.  I took the kids with me to cub scout training at 8am. 

Ryan was able to pick them up once he got done with his ride.  We had a birthday party for Gracie to attend at noon.  Ryan got the kids ready and over there, and I met them once my training class ended.  Thankfully, it ended early, so I wasn't that late to the party.  It was a swimming party.  Keira was fine going in the pool  by herself, but Soren took some convincing, and Ryan took him in.

After the party, I headed out for my bike ride.  I rode 60 miles on my own, getting familiar with the area.  I made a couple wrong turns, but got in my mileage, which was what I wanted to do.  Once I got home, we had dinner at smashburger. 

Sunday was a relaxing Sunday.  We attended church, and then I spent a great deal of time preparing the kitchen for our countertop template to be made tomorrow.  Our counters had gotten out of control with all the paper from the kids' projects and papers.  I was able to go through everything and declutter the kitchen.  Yeah!  Hopefully it can stay this way, especially once the new countertops are in.  Soren crashed on the couch for a much needed nap, and then the kids played outside a bit.  We also had a webcam with Linda tonight.

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