Sunday, July 31, 2011

Officially Ours and trip to MI

This week was really busy, as usual.  The main event was that we closed on the new house!  Yeah!  I was also the bad wife and went back to MI the day that Ryan gained entry to our new home so that I could do 2 races.

Monday was the big closing day.  Ryan took a half day so that we could all attend the closing.  The kids did surprisingly well.  We had a couple of loose ends to tie up that morning, so we left the closing room without being officially funded, so that was an odd feeling, however, we were told it was fine.  We ended up learning later that we had left a check at the office, and so I went back to get it.  When I did find it, I learned that we were officially funded and our sellers had their money, so although the morning felt a bit unsure, everything went fine.  I spent the rest of the day looking at carpet.

On Tuesday, I got up and got in a quick swim at the gym, and then took the kids to storytime at Pottery Barn.  They really love these storytimes.

That evening, there was quite the storm.  Ryan did venture out and pick up the paint and other items for the new home that he would need immediately upon taking possession of the house.  When he got back, we spent some time just watching the storm.  It was so bright!

On Wednesday, I got up and took the kids back to MI.  We stayed with Kris and Linda.  We had a rather uneventful drive back.  Keira and Soren were very excited to see Nana when we arrived.  She took them to see Winnie the Pooh.  It was Soren's first movie, and he did great.  Keira loved it as well.  It was super hot, so it would not have been good to take the kids to the race.  I headed over to the race site, and my race did not go as well as I would have liked.  I did a full recap HERE, but it was pretty ugly.  I had some bike issues before the start that I had to resolve before transition closed, and I was just so upset that I had left Ryan with the house to have a horrible experience.  Thankfully, I was at least able to race, and while I didn't feel the best on the course due to the heat, it affected everyone, and I was awarded the 5th place award in my age group despite the heat.  There was an error with the results, so I was really 6th, but I was not "stripped"of my award.  A duplicate was issued to the real 5th place finisher, my friend Colleen.

On Thursday, we got up early so that I could get my hair cut.  I donated just shy of 12 inches of hair to Children With Hair Loss, a MI based charity.  I didn't think I would initially get this much cut, but I had a lot of damaged ends, and wanted to make sure the charity recieved enought usable hair, especially since the ends are layered a bit too.  I was worried that the kids would not like it, but they did. 

We also played outside this evening outside.

On Friday, we stopped into the gym for a quick run.  It felt good to "just run" and not worry about tris.  I did a bit of a temp run, so I got a bit faster towards the end.   I got ready for tomorrow's race, the Tree Farm Relay and did some shopping for snacks, as well as birthday presents for a party for the kids to attend.  We had dinner at Noodles & Co, since it has been proved to be a great pre-race meal.  I don't feel superstitious, but after such a bad race on Wed, I wanted to do everything within my power to have a better race on Sat.

Saturday morning was the day of the Tree Farm Relay.  It was a big day for the kids too.  They came with me to the race site and stayed until just after I finished.  It was great to have a good lap time.  You can read the full recap here, but our team took second in the Women's Open Sport category.  It was fun, and I really felt strong, despite my lack of mountain biking this year.  My road biking has paid off here too.  Kris and Linda picked up the kids and took them to lunch and then to see Cars 2, to keep them out of the heat, since it was still super hot.  They both enjoyed that as well.  I picked them up after the movie to take them to Katie and Luke's birthday party at Pump it Up.  They had a blast.  We were so happy that it worked out that we could attend, and Keira could play with Katie.  Soren had a fun time too.  It was a long and fun day!

On Sunday, we got up and packed up.  I amazingly was able to bring back both my bikes with me.  We headed over to the apartment first, and Soren took a nap once we arrived.  Later that evening, we were able to head over to the house with Ryan to check it out.  Keira was so excited about her pink room!  Ryan really out in so much work this week while we were gone getting everything ready.  I am very thankful for all of his hard work and sacrifices that he made to get this done.

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