Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Good Bye Olde Orchard

pictures to come later!!!!!

This week we moved out of our condo on Olde Orchard.  It was quite the busy week, and we had a lot of help for which we are very thankful.  We had lots of help from Heavenly Father to make this move happen, as well as help from family, friends, and Ford. 

On Monday, the movers came and packed everything up.  It was amazing how fast they worked!  They had originally estimated 3 days for the pack and move, but Norm, our driver, said it could be done in two days, pack on Monday, load on Tuesday.  I took the kids over to Valerie's for the morning, and then over to Kris and Linda's for the afternoon.  We were able to sleep here for one last night.  Keira was a bit stressed when she got home and everything was boxed up.  Soren on the other hand, was thrilled by all the boxes and pretended they were a train.

On Tuesday, Keira and Soren went over to Becky's.  I admit I wasn't thinking things through very well today.  We went over to the storage unit to rent their truck, and we didn't have our proof of insurance.  It is amazing that I was able to locate it.  I had pulled out our most recent insurance policy and put it into my Ironman bag to compare rates, not even thinking because it had our proof of insurance.  I am so thankful I had set this aside, because it would have been a major pain if I had not been able to find it.  As is, we had to go home to get it.  We also ended up leaving the truck there, another mistake, especially because it had the car keys it in.  I had a delay picking up Keira because I had to ride my bike to the storage unit to pick up the truck to get the kids, since Becky had our car seats.  I did get them down to Linda's with no problem and back up in time to load the truck.  We made it back down to get them just before she had to leave.  It was a crazy day, but all of our stuff was packed up and ready to go. 

We had dinner with Valerie and Kent at 2Booli, a mediteranean restuarant.   We are going to miss them.  It was great and we got so much food.  We spent the night at Kris and Linda's since we only had a few final things that the movers would not take left at the condo.

On Wednesday, I woke up early and worked on cleaning the condo.  I was joined by to ladies from our church, Kim and Shirley.  It was amazing how fast we got everything cleaned.  We were done by 11:30 with the major cleaning, and Linda met me at the condo with the kids so they could say goodbye.  Keira was a bit sad that she did not the day before.  It was a bit emotional for me too saying goodbye.  It had served its purpose as a home for me for 9 years, and as much as I didn't want it anymore, it was strange to  be finally leaving it for real.  We had tried so many times to sell it that it was a bit unbelievable that it was really happening.  I didn't really let myself believe it was real until now because I was paranoid that something would fall through and disappoint me.  I am happy to be able to move on. 

We had a quick lunch with Linda and then did a few errands before heading out of town.  I was super excited that there was a Chipotle right where we needed one, in Dayton, OH.  We got into KY right around the kids bedtime. 

On Thursday, we had a relaxing morning and got Keira's paperwork for school delivered.  At this point, we were only missing the closing papers for our new home.  That would have to wait until next week.  Soren was funny, at dinner, he finished his food and asked for ice cream after. 

On Friday, we did more errands.  The kids are not loving all the errands.  They did get to have some fun riding their bikes in the evening.  We ate at 5 Guys over at the Summit.  We also took them over to Graeters closest to Crestwood after dinner.

On Saturday, Ryan had to work.  Several of the athletes that were at Muncie last weekend were here in Lousiville training.  I was invited to come with them, but between their killer schedule and Ryan's work schedule, we couldn't link up.  I took the kids over to Seneca Park.  My plan was to run to Cherokee, but it didn't really work out.  I ran out of "path" or shoulder to run with the kids in the stroller.  I need to consult a map first.  I was able to get in 6 miles, though.  Soren fell asleep in the stroller, and missed all the playtime.

Soren did get to ride his bike in the afternoon.  It was super hot, and the fountains were off.  Soren is doing a lot better on his bike, and is gliding a lot.  We had pizza for dinner.

On Sunday, Ryan worked again so I got the kids ready and to church.  The kids needed to go the bathroom 3 times during sacrament alone.  I really didn't know that they had that much to drink!  We had a walkthrough in the new house afterwards.  We are getting really excited for the closing tomorrow!

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