Thursday, June 2, 2011

Horsey Hundred and Happy Memorial Day!

This week was spent in Kentucky, and with the holiday weekend, we really packed a lot in. We had some rather severe weather near us this week, and thankfully we were not harmed by it.

On Monday, we had a relaxing day getting situated back in Kentucky. We went to the gym and then did some errands.
That evening, I did the VO2 ladies ride. The sky looked great in this
before picture, but it quickly turned ugly. We got caught in the rain/thunderstorms and sought shelter in the park. We waited it out and caught a small break that was good enough to make it to the next shelter/bathrooms. It was a crazy ride, and we were thankful to be done.
On Tuesday, we did the Pottery Barn storytime in the morning.
We played around the house a bit in afternoon, with sticks and dirt.
Our final activity of the day was exploring a park that is very close to our apartment. We didn't stay here too long, and the kids enjoyed some new scenery.
On Wednesday, we went to the library storytime in the morning. It was very crowded today. They made monkey puppets as the activity.
That evening, while Ryan rode, I ran in Seneca park. Keira and Soren played afterwards on the playground.
On Thursday, we didn't do too much. I got in a semi long run inside, and we went to a book fair across from the gym. I had wanted to do a few more errands, but a large crack of thunder upset Keira while we were walking back to the car. We ended up calling it a day after the book fair, as far as errands were concerned.
That evening, there were reports of tornados and we were under a tornado warning until after 11. It kept getting pushed back later and later. Ryan and I stayed tuned to the weather, just so that we would know if we should wake the kids and move them to a safer location in our apartment. Thankfully, the storms did not live up to their hype, and were not nearly as bad as they projected. I think Ryan and I had camped in storms about as bad, and I am not sure if the storm from Monday was worse or not.

We were plenty tired on Friday after staying up late for the storms. We had a low key morning and finally made it to the gym for a swim. After Ryan got home from work, we went downtown to carbo load at The Old Spagetti Factory. It is a fun restaurant. This one seemed a lot less old than The Spagetti Warehouse in Columbus, with less actual antiques. Soren was really bummed we couldn't eat in the trolley, but it was full and we didn't ask to wait. After dinner, we walked downtown. Keira and Soren enjoyed the fountain outside the KFC YUM center, which had a concert or something that evening.
My parents came into town that night after the kids went to bed. We were starting our 3 day weekend with a bike ride in Georgetown, KY, called the Horsey Hundred. Ryan was doing the 102 mile ride, and my dad and I were doing the half century. We got up early on Saturday to do the ride. It was hilly but beautiful. We rode by many horse farms. This was my first real bike tour, and I really enjoyed it. They also had a great post race meal.
After we all returned, we went out to dinner at a Mexican place called Chuey's. We had a really long wait, but thankfully, our food was excellent and our waiter was sympathetic.
On Sunday, we had a breakfast with my parents before they headed out. Before church, we drove around a bit and looked at some homes. We went to church, and while I was sitting in Nursery with Soren, a lady introduced herself and told me about a home that belonged to another family from church in her neighborhood. I was really impressed with how helpful everyone was with giving us tips for finding a home in the area. We drove through the neighborhood that was mentioned to us, and amazingly, the home of the member was one that Ryan had found during a search online! We really like that neighborhood, from what we saw.
Monday was Memorial Day. We started the day by going to Waverly Park so Ryan could ride. There was a playgound there so we went too. It was super hot. We ended up doing a short .2 mile hike while Ryan was riding to stay in the shade. Keira did not want to do the hike at all, but then as soon as we finished, she wanted to do it again. Ryan had already finished his ride by then, though.
We grabbed some lunch at Chick Fil A, which is by far our favorite fast food place for chicken sandwhiches. They are super friendly at this location too, and have diet Dr Pepper on fountain. We then hit the pool, because it was so hot! The pool felt cold getting in, but Keira easily got used to it. Soren, on the other hand, preferred to just sit on the side.
I did do the VO2 ladies ride this afternoon. They still had it on the holiday. It was so hot, we did a 13 mile bike followed by a 3 mile run. I was the only one who finished the whole run, though, because it was so hot. After that, I met back up with Ryan and the kids for pizza, and then we hit Graeters for ice cream for dessert. It was a long but fun day!

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