Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Getting the Condo Sold and Happy Birthday Keira!

******Pictures to be added later, I am so behind!*****************************
I am really behind on blogging, so hopefully I don't leave too much out.  The thing that was the most notable of this week was that we got our condo listed, and had offers in the first 48 hours.  It was crazy!

On Monday, Keira attended school, and I did not work out since my race was yesterday.  It felt nice to have the day off.  I did a few errands with Soren while Keira was at school. 

On Tuesday, we made the call to get our place on the market.  I worked like crazy to get the triathlon explosion of the weekend put away so that our agent could come and photograph the place for the listing.  I was very thankful that it got postponed a bit, because we were not ready by the intial time.  I do really like the way our room looks when it is all clean.

On Wednesday, our listing became official in the system.  Last time when we listed our place, we did not have much luck, so I guess I was not expecting much to happen.  I went to the gym to do Brick class while Keira was at school.  This was our most normal day of the week.  Ryan returned from KY this evening for a buyoff.

On Thursday, we were able to attend a free Kindermusik class first thing in the morning.  Keira and Soren had a blast as always.

After the Kindermusik, I took the kids to the gym.  I swam, and when I got out of the pool and cleaned up, I had 5 missed alerts on my phone!  I had several missed calls as well as voicemails.  We had a showing request in 15 minutes, as well as showing scheduled off an on for the rest of the day! I rushed home, did a mad dash clean throughout the whole house, hiding things EVERYWHERE, and since Ryan was back, we had all the bikes here again.  Our house was going to be shown with Ryan's new Tarmac in the kitchen.  Oh well.  It is a beautiful bike.  I took the kids over to McDonalds for a late lunch and did a few more errands, including stopping at New Balance where I picked up a couple programs for the 2011 Detroit Marathon.  Soren is in love with the programs.  He fell asleep in the car clutching it on our way to Kris and Linda's.  We went there for the evening since we had showing scheduled and couldn't go home, and the requests just kept coming in, filling up Friday and the weekend.

Friday was a very full day, even without the showings.  I took Keira to school and got in a workout.  After school, we were invited to a year end party at Adam's house for her class.  It was a blast for the kids, and it really wore them out.  We are thankful for Jodi for inviting us to her home.  I was tied up quite a bit of the party with our home, as we already had an offer!  I spent a lot of time on the phone with Ryan, our agent, and Ford getting everything hashed out.  We were so relieved that this happened so fast.  We kept the remaining showings for the rest of the day, but cancelled everything else for the rest of the weekend.  We had an offer before our Ford paperwork was complete.  We spent a lot of time working on that the rest of the weekend so that our offer/counter could be officially accepted.  It also got complicated because Ryan had left this morning to go up north with David and Valerie (who was taking Kent's place after his injury) for the Michigan Moutain Mayhem ride. 

On Saturday, we had a fun and relaxing day while Ryan was working hard in the rain/cold through the hills.  His ride was tough, and he did not have the proper attire for the temperatures.  He did great, though, and is very glad he did it.  It would have been a lot better if the weather had been more enjoyable.  The kids and I, on the other hand, had great weather.  We went to Island Lake in the morning for a 7 mile stroller run.  This felt hard a week off the 70.3, but I was glad I did it.  Keira and Soren had a blast running around the park afterwards too.

That evening, I took them to Pei Wei for dinner, and then to Guernsey for some ice cream.  With our condo officially "under contract", the move really feels real and fast.  I wanted to enjoy Michigan's dairy on such a nice day.  Keira had a slight meltdown when they did not have Graeter's raspberry chip that I always order at the "ice cream store" in KY or OH, so when she said she wanted the same as me and I got chocolate marshmallow, she was not happy.  Eventually, she ate her ice cream and enjoyed it, and now knows that all ice cream shops are not the same.

Sunday was Keira's 5th birthday.  We went to church in the afternoon and then to Kris and Linda's afterwards.  My parents, Sarah, Greg with the girls, and Sharon came over for dinner to celebrate as a family.  Lleyton was sick, so Ellyn stayed home.  Keira had a blast playing with her cousins and enjoyed her cake and presents.  It was really a great week!

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