Sunday, August 22, 2010

T-Rex Tri and Maybury Time Trial, another 2 race week

This week was a pretty big week. It had a bit of a rough start, but by midweek things were going great with the T-Rex tri and then finished up with the Maybury Time Trial.

On Monday, We did have a little fun outside with bubbles since it was a very nice day. Once Ryan got home, we went to Maybury and I was able to get in a short run while Ryan rode. Keira was also able to ride her bike.

That evening, I was pretty wiped out from the weekend. The stress of having my whole presidency gone for both an activity followed by a Sunday alone was a bit much. I was stressed, and really overwhelmed about looking forward to having to have yet another Sunday all by myself. My ankle is still bothering me, and I have two races this week. The kids must have picked up on my stress because there was a ton of tension in the house. Keira was acting out over the weekend and it continued through today, and I was having trouble dealing with it. I also have the Primary program looming ahead, which is something that I dreaded working on since I was called. I couldn't sleep and just decided that I just need a getaway of some sort.

On Tuesday, I was still feeling pretty down, but thankfully was able to get together with Valerie, Katie, and Luke at Heritage Park. We just played on the playground today, but had a great time.

I also picked up my packet for the T-Rex race, which will likely be my last tri of the year.

That evening, I met with our Bishop to get some help with the Program, and thankfully he was able to help me delegate a bunch of it out and we will not have to move the date, as I was fearing. I just can't wait until it is over.

Wednesday was the big day of the T-Rex race in Brighton. We kept the day low key, and both of my parents came into town for it. It was a great race, and I had a lot of friends competing. Kris and Linda also came out for it. I had a PR for the race by 3 minutes from last month, and each leg of the race were also PRs. I finally put together a decent swim (for me). I got out of the water and was not so terribly behind everyone as usual. I was able to catch Colleen on the bike, but then lost her again, but at least I knew where she was. I caught up with her quickly on the run, and finished in 1:21:42.
Me, Valerie, Jennifer, and Will before the start.

Valerie and I on the beach before the start:

Walking into the water:

The start of the swim:

Coming out of the water:

On the bike:

Running towards the finish line:

Linda, Keira, Soren, and my dad:

Post race pictures, Colleen and I:

I made the ad!

Valerie and I post race:


Ryan and Soren

The Northville Ward Tri ladies: Jennifer, Valerie, Me, and Barb. Everyone had a PR today.

Me and Cristina. Neither of us actually raced in our gear today, but put it on after.

Me, Erin (overall female winner for the series), and Cristina. Cristina won her age for both today's race and the series.

I placed 4th in my age, and 2nd in my age for the series. The awards were pretty nice too! We finished off the night with dinner at Bagger Daves with my parents and Ryan's parents. Keira and Soren did great considering how late it was.

On Thursday, we had a lazy morning, and Soren was too tired to do anything. My mom and I did some shopping with just ourselves while my dad stayed and played with Keira. She requested to stay and play with Grandpa while Soren napped. He woke up in time for us to go to lunch before they headed back home.
That night, Ryan rode the race course at Maybury with Rob and Eric. I was able to get in a couple miles once they were done, but I didn't do nearly the whole thing. I was still pretty tired from my race. I had given pretty much everything I had and wasn't ready to do too much today. Keira and Soren had fun playing at Maybury. Keira got going pretty fast today on her bike on a downhill. She kept her balance for a long time and didn't crash, but it did scare her a bit. She will be ready for a bike with pedals in no time.

On Friday, we didn't do a lot either in the morning. We hung out at home to get the place cleaned up a bit. I had a meeting in the afternoon with my brand new Primary Secretary, who would be helping me out a ton. She wasn't even sustained yet. We had a great meeting, and I feel a ton better. I really have not had a full presidency hardly at all this past year, and there is a reason why 4 people are supposed to be doing all the work and not 3. I have a feeling things will get better from here on out.
That evening, we went back over to Maybury so the Ryan and Rob could scope out some changes to the race course. I watched Ron's son Collin on the playground while they did their investigation. The kids had a great time. Collin is very adventurous, and Keira ended up climbing up a bit too high for her liking today.

Saturday was the big day of the Maybury Time Trial. We have had really bad luck with the weather for mountain bike races, and this was no exception. It started sprinkling as Ryan was leaving the house. He left a bit earlier than everyone else to get things set up and to keep the kids occupied a bit longer indoors out of the rain. The race is a time trial format, with each racer having their own start time, and riders are grouped by class and age group. We met up with Rob and Eric from Ryan's tree farm team as well as Bill, Jen, and Liam, whom I know from the gym. Ryan started early in the day, and did awesome. Not only did he win his age, but he also won the entire Sport division! He received a check for that prize. Ryan didn't wear his Wolverine Jersey for the actual race since it was so wet and muddy out there, but changed for awards. Since it was raining or overcast, a lot of our action shots were too blurry in the low light.
Ryan is waiting for his turn to start.
Ryan is leaving the starting gate. It was chip timed, and he is crossing the mat right now.
Rob is approaching the finish line. He finished 4th in his age.
Ryan is coming into the finish line.
Ryan post race.

Keira was up next, and she did the kids non-competitive race. Keira and Liam both raced. Keira got a bit stressed again this year at the finish line with everyone cheering her on, and had to be carried. She did enjoy the actual biking, though.
Keira with Liam before the start:
Ryan guided Keira through the course. Keira noticed the rocks and roots to go over on the path.
Soren needed a number anyway.

After the kids race, Bill started, and I was able to get a group shot of Ryan's Wolverine friends who were also racing today.
Tim, Ryan, Fabrice, and his daughter

Then, it was my turn and I was racing in beginner. I started off pretty quick and was only passed by one lady. She started much after me which meant she was going pretty fast. I had not been waved to go in any direction at an intersection, so I lost a few seconds at one point, and I also fell down a couple times, but nothing too bad. It had gotten a lot wetter on the trail by my turn, so I had gotten pretty grimy. I ended up placing second in my age, which was also second in my division, so I got a smaller amount.

Here I am before the start:
I am leaving the starting gate:
It was raining, so Ryan needed to keep the kids in our tent for my finish, but here is my finish:
I was pretty muddy, and I had gone down a couple of times.
We stayed for the award ceremonies: Eric received 3rd in his age group.
Ryan receiving his award:
There was a bit of a wait until my awards. Soren was getting so tired.

Me receiving my award:
We also got a ton of free stuff from the raffle and catching things in the crowd. We really cleaned up as a family at this race. It looks like we may be moving up a class each next year.

Sunday wasn't nearly as stressful today as it was last Sunday. I had a lot more help lined up, and things went pretty smoothly. They appeared smooth last Sunday too, but the stress level wasn't as high to get there. Valerie conducted for me, my new secretary was sustained so she was there, and I had one of the young women to help cover a class where needed. I actually got a couple pictures of Keira and Soren in their church clothes today.

And after:

We also went over to Kris and Linda's for dinner with Greg, Ellyn, and their children. The kids had fun, but we could tell they were pretty worn out as they were all very sad to leave tonight.

Up for next week, I start physical therapy for my ankle, so hopefully I will know if I can plan anything else substantial for the rest of the season.

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