Sunday, August 15, 2010

Greenfield Village with Grandma and Picnics!

This week was another fun week. My mom was here until Tuesday morning, and we went to Greenfield Village with her. We also had another Primary Activity, and it was at the Detroit Temple. One of Soren's major accomplishments this week is that he can get in and out of his crib by himself.

On Monday, we spent the day at Greenfield Village with my mom, Linda, Ellyn, and the cousins. There are a zillion pictures. We spent most of the day there, and everyone had a great time. Everyone was pretty well exhausted by the time we got home, so that was pretty much it for the day. The weather was suspect, so Ryan stayed in as well once he got home from work.
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On Tuesday, Grandma went back home, and we took the Escape in for an oil change. They had a very long wait, so we walked back home and played with bubbles until it was ready. Keira and Soren were very happy to play with their new bubble fans. All of our bubble makers from last year have stopped working, so the new ones were much appreciated.

After we picked up the Escape, met up with Valerie, Katie, and Luke for lunch. When I went to get Soren up from his nap today, he was curled up in a little ball on the floor on his blanket. He had gotten out of his crib by himself. That evening, Ryan did a lap of Maybury before heading to scouts. We opted to stay home since there would not be time to be dropped off before scouts, and went to the pool instead. It was super hot all day long, and felt really great.

On Wednesday, we went to the gym and then errands. Keira and Soren always have such a good time playing at and around the gym.

That night, I went to my TIA workout and was able to bike and then run. I was really pleased because I was not terribly uncomfortable. I did have a couple near misses with cyclists, though. The first was when I was running. I was turning around on the path at the same time a woman tried to pass me. I didn't hear her call out that she was trying to pass until it was too late. Thankfully, we were both ok. My second near miss was due to a man who nearly hit Valerie's car when he came off the bikepath into the road onto the wrong side of the road. He thought he would get back on the right side of the road after her car had passed, but didn't look to see that I was right behind her. I had observed his poor judgement as he entered the road initially, so kept an eye on him. It wasn't that much of a shock that he nearly hit me too.

On Thursday, we had super music day. We started the morning at Kindermusik.

We went straight from Kindermusik to Linda's school for a special presentation by "The Music Lady". It was pretty loud, and Keira and Soren had fun.

They were very excited to be at Nana's school. We had lunch with her as well. Keira went home with Nana, and I took Soren home to nap. Keira and Linda made cookies for us to take to Ryan's picnic tomorrow. We met back up with Keira and Linda at Maybury so that Cristina and I could ride a lap. That evening, Ryan rode with his Thursday night group. He had just come home from biking when we heard the kids' bedroom door open, and then Soren came downstairs exclaiming, "Out Self" with so much pride. It was pretty cute. We aren't quite ready to take the front off the crib yet, but we will probably soon. We need to do a little more organization of Keira's toys to make sure that there aren't any that Soren can get into himself that he shouldn't. He will also take every wipe and diaper out of their boxes as well.

On Friday, we had Ryan's company picnic. It was at a park on Hines Drive, and is always a great time. It is smaller and smaller every year due to people leaving the company and people being on launches, but there were still several people that I knew there. It is a fun family event, and Tammy does a great job of keeping the children entertained. Tug of War used to be a big event for the men, but this year just the kids did it. Soren LOVED it. He had no clue that he wasn't as old or big as the other kids. Keira did not like it at all.

Keira enjoyed getting her face painted.

She also got her hair beaded.
Soren loved playing with the ice water tubs keeping the bottled water cold. He was soaking wet by the time we were ready to leave.

On Saturday, Ryan had his regular Wolverine ride. I took Keira and Soren to the Detroit Temple for the Primary Activity, which was a picnic lunch and then tour of the grounds. The day was a bit stressful for me. Keira announced that she wasn't feeling very well right before we needed to leave (and after Ryan had already left). I was the only one from the presidency in town, so there really wasn't any choice but to still go. I had told them this picnic would be different from yesterday's picnic, and we were planning on bringing McDonald's drive through to eat. This was not a very good plan. When I stopped at the McDonalds just before the freeway from our house, they were still serving breakfast. I didn't get too worried, and figured I would pass another McDonalds somewhere between there and the temple. Amazingly, that was not the case. We had to detour south in search of a McDonalds. I was really thankful that I had planned to be there early, because we had to drive several miles south before we found one, and again, it was still serving breakfast! I was very annoyed, and finally found an Arby's to get a kids meal and headed back. Thankfully, once we got to the Temple, everything fell into place. Sister Schilling spoke to everyone in the Stake Center next door, and then lead us around the grounds. She encouraged all the children to touch the outside of the temple, so that it could touch them spiritually.

We got home, and Ryan was just finishing up his ride. I ran 7 miles today, and it didn't feel too bad. I am not 100%, but when Ryan asked how my ankle felt, I just said it didn't feel much worse than the other. Keira had a major meltdown while Soren was napping, and ended up needing a nap for herself. Ryan went out to do some browsing for his birthday presents and picked up some take out for everyone on his way back.

Sunday was another stressful day. I am not sure if we have just done too much this week or what, but Keira and Soren were just really struggling at church today. I was a bit nervous because I was again the only one from the presidency in town, so perhaps it was rubbing off on them too. Church hadn't even started yet when Soren fell off a bench and hit his head on the hymnal holder in the chapel, giving him a decent scrape, bump, and bruise on this face. I heard him screaming from the Primary room as I was finishing getting things ready. We spent most of the first hour in the hallway with squirrelly children. Thankfully, things went great in the Primary room. We came home and everyone tried to get some rest. Ryan grilled up some salmon for dinner and I made my triathlon cheesecake for dessert.

Up for next week: I have my final triathlon of the T-Rex series and Ryan and I both have the Maybury Time Trial mountain bike race. It should be another big week!

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