Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Roof and Lots of Parks

This week we got a new roof, and are waiting on our rain gutters at this point. Basically, this meant that any playing outdoors had to be done away from our home. We had mostly nice weather this week, with a lot of temperature swings.

On Monday, I did my swim workout, and the roof work got into full swing. I decided to take Keira and Soren to the ITC Novi Sports Park for the afternoon. It was really quiet there today, and they both had a blast! The bouncy bridge was a favorite activity today.

Since Keira and Soren had already played quite a bit at the playground today, when Ryan got home, we headed to Maybury and I did a jog with them in the stroller while Ryan biked. It was my first jog at Maybury of the season, which I knew would be tough anyway, and it was also my first run after my race, so I was super sore and went pretty slow. It was still great to be out on a run in Maybury!

On Tuesday, it was cooler and overcast. Keira had a field trip today to see a magician. She seemed to enjoy it. After Keira's school, we pretty much just hung out around the house and played with the balls in the yard.

On Wednesday, it was another beautiful day. I swam in the morning, and then Keira asked to go to the "brown playground", which meant the sports park. So, off we went. It was a little more crowded today, but still a blast.

We also went to Maybury in the evening again. This time, I ran much better. I actually stayed ahead of a man who was not pushing anything. He did pass me on the big uphill that I have never managed to run up yet, but I caught him later well before the end of my run. Go me! I also learned that I have been selected for Team Compex. Compex makes electronic muscle simulators to strengthen and recover muscles. I am anxious to learn more about it, and can't wait to receive my welcome kit with more information.

On Thursday, Keira's theme for school was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Here are her projects from today.

It was also really warm today, I think a record high- over 80! We got some lunch at home quick and then headed AGAIN to the sports park. It was very crowded, so we didn't stay nearly as long.

I ran at home without the stroller this evening before Ryan headed out on a 20 mile bike ride with Kent.

On Friday, we did not go to the sports park. I had a long swim again this morning, and was very fast, just over 36 minutes for a mile, which was another swim PR for me. Soren had a long nap today, and did not want to get out of bed when he was finished. He and Keira played in the crib together for several minutes before finally they both came out.

That afternoon, Ryan attended a "Bowling for Babies" fundraiser for March of Dimes, which meant he got out of work early. Linda was able to help us out and watch Keira and Soren so that Ryan and I could ride at Maybury together. It was really fun to finally get out for my first ride at Maybury, and it felt great.

On Saturday, we had a really busy day. Ryan rode 49 miles to Brighton as ride leader with the WSC. Ryan rode, I took Keira and Soren to a Fancy Nancy storytime at Borders. Linda joined us, and both Keira and Soren really enjoyed it. I think Soren may have enjoyed it more than Keira. They did a craft, read two Fancy Nancy Books, and then finished with music time. It lasted about an hour. I was amazed that Soren was able to be engaged that long. He was only bored during the book reading, but loved everything else.

After that, Kris met us for a quick lunch, and then I took Keira and Soren to Averie's birthday party. I think some of Keira's grumpiness in the morning was due to her impatience about attending the party. She had a great time, as did Soren.

Once we got home, I went on a run while Soren napped, and then we had a quiet pizza dinner at home.

On Sunday, we went to church as usual, and Keira and Soren woke up super early. We got to church in plenty of time today, which was nice. We actually had time for a couple pre-church pictures! You can see that Soren already looks exhausted and we haven't even left yet.

Soren is struggling with nursery, mostly due to being so tired, we think. After church, Ryan grilled out and Keira and Soren enjoyed opening and closing the sliding glass door, and couldn't make up their minds as far as being in or out. It was pretty annoying, but dinner was great.

Ryan also had a Stake Priesthood meeting tonight, and Soren enjoyed sitting in the doll stroller. Keira did the same thing when she first got it.

Up for next week, I am having a birthday! This means we will be having some standard birthday festivities as well as I have a HUGE workout planned for this Saturday to prepare for my upcoming Olympic distance triathlon (and prove I am not old yet ).

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