Sunday, April 11, 2010

Martian Marathon/Spring Break

This week was a fun week. It was pretty relaxing until the weekend, as usual. It was especially relaxing since my training was winding down to rest for my race and Keira was on spring break. The weekend was very full with a visit from Grandma and Grandpa, my race, and Ryan's ride.

On Monday, when I went to the gym for my pool workout, the pool was unusually warm. This gave me the great idea that I should bring Keira and Soren to the pool this week to make it seem more like they were really on "spring break" and do something special. We did enjoy a lot of time outside today, because it was absolutely beautiful out. We played outside our house a bit.

When Ryan got home, we also went to Maybury for some bike riding. I didn't run today as part of my taper, and it was HARD to resist the great weather. Keira and Soren did have a blast playing on the playground.

On Tuesday, I took Keira and Soren to the gym to just swim in the super warm pool. It was a rather dreary day, so it was a good morning to be inside. We weren't the only ones who agreed, and Liam, one of the boys that is usually in the gym child care with Keira and Soren was also swimming with his mom today. We had a great time, and Keira had a breakthrough. She "swam" by herself today with her life jacket on. She has never let me let her float in it before. Soren floats around all the time in his, but Keira propelled herself for 100 yards in the pool as I followed with Soren. We had so much fun that we planned to do it again with Liam on Wednesday.

It did clear up a bit in the afternoon, and we played outside while Ryan enjoyed a ride.

On Wednesday, I woke up super itchy. I have been struggling with really dry red itchy skin for the past couple of months, and today I decided I couldn't take it anymore. Having already promised Keira and Soren that we would go to the pool today, we did, but I wished we hadn't. Especially since Liam had to cancel. Thankfully, I was able to get in to see a dermatologist today. I did my swim workout anyway, and still took Keira and Soren swimming, even though it would further irritate my skin. At least the Dr. would get a good look at my really bad skin, right? I was diagnosed with eczema, and given a cream to treat it. I also needed to replace all my bath/shower products and lotions. I am hoping it will work long term, but have not swam since due to the race. It was also especially bad being in the pool 3 days in a row, and I will try to avoid swimming on consecutive days if I can help it.

On Thursday, it cooled way down. I was able to take Keira and Soren to one of the free Kindermusik classes that we used to always do. Keira was very happy to go since she was off of school. Soren also had a great time.

I was able to run this evening with Jessica, for my last run before my race. It was chilly, but we didn't get rained on. It was fun to catch up for a nice slow relaxing run.

On Friday, we kept things pretty low key in the morning. The work on our new roof began today. Soren was super excited to watch the trucks load the materials to our roof, but that was all they did. I loved the look of amazement in his face as he watched.

I had planned to go to the race expo with Cristina in the afternoon, so I needed to make sure Soren napped and was up in time to go. Fortunately, my parents arrived early enough in the day that they were able to hang out with Keira and Soren while Cristina and I hit up the expo. After the expo, everyone went out to eat at Buca Di Beppo for some pre-race carbo loading.

Saturday morning was the big day! My dad and I picked up Valerie and headed down to the Martian Marathon super early in the morning. It was super cold when we got there, a little over freezing. I think the cold motivated me to run fast. I did incredibly well, especially considering this was my first race of the new year. I had a PR of 1:42:41, and averaged 7:49 minutes/mile. I also placed 5th in my age group! I couldn't believe how well I did! Valerie was also very happy with her time for her first half marathon, and Cristina also had a PR. We met up with a Kimberly after the race before heading out. We had gotten one of the last parking spots by the start/finish area, we were REALLY close to the start/finish area. In fact, we were parked on the course. This posed an interesting issue of getting the truck out, but we watched for a break, and left when we got the chance. It would have been fun to hang out a little longer, but we didn't want to be stuck there all day. You can see the back end of my dad's red explorer in this shot of me running in to the finish line.

Here is a shot of Valerie and I post race. It is funny, it is almost exactly the same as our pre-race shot, except we are happier (from no longer freezing and having such a great race) and have our medals.

When we got back, we hung out until Ryan got back from his ride. He lead his group on a 47 mile bike ride (same as last week). Once everyone was all cleaned up, we went to Bagger Daves for a afternoon meal before my parents went back home. It was so great to have them here. Soren and Keira love it when Grandma and Grandpa visit. Soren sounds so cute calling out "Granca". I don't have any of the pictures from my mom's camera yet, so there will probably be a few more pictures to come of them. It had actually turned into a really nice day, so we also hit the playground for a little bit before bedtime.

Today was a long Sunday. Soren was not interested in going to nursery today because he was super tired. He also took a super long nap after church. It warmed up today, and we also got all of the balls pumped up with air for some outdoor fun.

Up for next week, we will be back to some sort of routine. I will still be taking it somewhat easy this week, but want to get back in the pool and back on the bike to start training for tri season!

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