Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

This week was very fun! We had great weather, and had a lot of fun outside. We also welcomed Greg and Ellyn's family back to the United States, and had a visit from Grandma. Finally, we ended the week with Easter Celebrations.

This was the final few days of the library storytimes, so we made sure to go to the library on Monday.

That afternoon, I was able to swim with Cristina at Botsford, while Keira played with her friend Lexi.

On Tuesday, at school, Keira colored an egg. She was very excited about it and couldn't wait to open it when we got home. She was quite dissapointed that there was no chocolate inside it!

Soren was also the banana bandit today. When I came out of the bathroom, Soren had taken the new bunch of bananas off the counter, and pulled them all apart, scattering them on the couch. He sure loves bananas, but has backed off a little bit in his consumption.

We also had some fun outside.

On Wednesday, we went to our final storytime at the old library. I am glad we made it, because we won't have another one until the end of June.

When we got back, we had some fun with bubbles.

Soren had his 18m check up today. He is 31.75 inches tall, and 23lbs. He got his last immunizations today for a while, so hopefully his next visits will be more pleasant. He took a LONG nap when we got home, so they couldn't play with their cousins who just arrived from Germany at the playground. Instead, we met them at Nana and Papa's for a quick visit. We are so happy they are back in Michigan.

On Thursday, Keira had her last day of school before spring break. Here are her Easter projects from this week:

We also had another beautiful day, and Keira rode her bike to the playground while Soren mowed.

We also went out to Ann Arbor for the evening so Ryan could get his hair cut. We enjoyed a Chipotle dinner, which is always a treat. My mom came up late that evening, to enjoy her spring break.

On Friday, Keira and Soren were very happy to wake up to see Grandma. Ryan had Good Friday off, so we went to Lakeshore Park. Ryan and I rode the trail while my mom played with Keira and Soren on the playground. Everyone had a great time! It was my first mountain bike ride of the season, so it was challenging but fun.

We had lunch at the Olive Garden, and the while Soren napped, we got the eggs decorated. Keira wasn't really interested in the coloring process, but played a matching game with my mom while waiting for the eggs to come out.

On Saturday morning, Keira and Soren opened their Easter gifts from my mom.

Ryan had his first ride as ride leader for the Wolverines. He was very pleased with the ride. No one was injured and everyone was accounted for. They rode 47 miles to Ann Arbor and back, and also added in a little hilly subdivision on the way back. While Ryan was riding, I got in my final long run to prep for the upcoming half marathon, and then we headed to Maybury for their Easter Egg Hunt. We arrived around the start of the actual festivities, so we had about an hour before the actual hunt. Keira was afraid of both the Easter Bunny and Smokey the Bear, so we pretty much just played on the playground until the hunt started.

This year, they separated the children 2 and under from everyone else, but they probably should have made even more separations. Keira got spooked by the Smokey the Bear right before the start, and was pretty sad. She did get a few eggs and was happy with their contents: rings, erasers, and a plastic frog.

Soren really got the idea. He couldn't wait to grab the eggs, and found many. His were candy filled.

My mom returned home shortly after Ryan got back from his ride. We went out to dinner at Rebecca's in downtown Northville. I ordered croisant french toast, and Keira and Soren ate half of my dinner. I was very happy to learn that we would be having French toast for Easter Brunch tomorrow, and we picked up some bread from Great Harvest before returning home for the evening. Ryan attended Priesthood session of General Conference, while I prepped for Easter.

Sunday morning was Easter Sunday. Keira and Soren woke up excited. Keira ran first to her basket, while Soren made a beeline for the eggs "hidden" by the Easter Bunny in our living room. We had trouble prying Keira away from her new Princess Tiana doll to get some eggs of her own. Soren was totally into it, and collected almost twice as many eggs as Keira.

After we finished with our baskets, we went over to Kris and Linda's house for Easter Brunch with Greg, Ellyn, their children, and Sharon. Once we finished with Brunch, the children opened their baskets.

After Baskets, we had an egg hunt outside the house. Keira was much more excited to find the eggs with her cousins. Soren was really into collecting the eggs, until he saw the slide outside.

We were able to watch the Sunday Sessions of General Conference today. It was different to have Conference on Easter, but it was also nice to not have to get up early and rush off to church. Being able to watch the Prophets and Apostles on TV is a great experience. In between sessions, we had a great meal and enjoyed the beautiful day.

It was a wonderful week. We are so grateful for the fun times we were able to have with our family. We don't have much planned for next week. I am tapering for my half marathon, and Keira is on spring break.


Elizabeth Downie said...

What fun pictures and what a busy and fun week you had! Your kids are adorable. :)

Luna said...

looks like it was a bountiful Easter!