Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just a Normal Week for Us

I came up with the title for this blog before reading Ellyn's post, about how life is not ever really normal. This is true for this week, somewhat, since this post is cut short by a day on account of our ski trip, as well as a few other abnormalities. Otherwise, it was a pretty typical week for us.

To start the week, we hit a storytime at the library.

Next, Soren had his 15 month check up. He is 22 lbs and 31 inches tall, making him normal in statue, but pretty skinny. Dr Swartz just commented that she didn't expect him to be above average forever, and that his genes were finally kicking in. We were suprised, however, to learn that Soren had an ear infection, and he was started on antibiotics. We had to skip the immunizations for today and will need to come back later.
Here is Keira working on her "homework" for school tomorrow.

Tuesday was Penguin day at school for Keira. She and Soren wore their penguin sweaters and Keira made several penguin crafts.

Soren also learned how to operate the light in the kitchen. He is much better at using the toggle to turn it off, and I hear him complaining at the lamp all the time now when he can't remember how to do it.

On Wednesday, we again hit the library storytime. Keira's friend from school, Angie, was there today. We made a short stop at the mall for Keira and Soren to play afterwards.

On Thursday, Keira had artic animal day at school and brought home polar bear crafts.

Soren looked so cute in this chair today, I had Keira sit in it as well for a picture.

On Friday, I had a nice long mile swim at the gym, and then we met up with Nana for a bit of shopping at Laurel Park. I asked for the wrong size planner pages for Christmas, and so I had to exchange them. Yes, in this age of technology, I have been using a Franklin Planner on paper and it works really well for me. I feel like if I didn't use paper, I would be a mess because most of the times when I need my calendar, I don't have internet access anyway, and we are not ready to sign up for a data plan for our phones. We are happily stuck in 1992 where our cell phones just make phone calls. Soren took a nice long nap when we got back in the crib. He will hopefully start spending the night in there too instead of just naps. He was so cute when he got up. He definitely naps better in there, so hopefully he will sleep overnight better there too.

On Saturday, I maxed our the kids gym time while I ran 8 miles on the treadmill. That has got to count for at least 10 outside, just due to the boredom factor and the determination it takes to just keep going and not step off. Ryan attempted to ride at Maybury, but even with the studded tires, they were no match for the deep snow that covered the trail. He compared it to riding in sand, which is no fun at all. That afternoon, my parents came in to stay with us to break up the drive from their place to Crystal Mountain, which is where we are going Sunday. We were able to do a present exchange with the kids, as well as give them our present to them. Keira was very excited with her new presents.

Soren's dinosaur was the funniest toy, and perfect for him. It has a little light inside, and it roars, but it sounds like Soren when he roars.

We finished off the night with a dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger, and then finished up packing for our upcoming ski trip to Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville, MI. We have a big week ahead of us.


Luna said...

Your normal weeks are busy! i don't know how you keep it up!

Steoger Fam said...

Oh how I miss just being able to take a quick trip to the mall on a cold yucky day. I don't suppose it'll be that close when we move either. Oh well.