Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year!

This is sort of a catch up post that covers from when we arrived back in Michigan until now, which is about a week and a half. We celebrated Christmas with Kris and Linda, as well as New Years, had my first Primary activity as president, and then thing got back to normal (whatever that is).

One New Years Eve, we got our more Christmas decorations! I know this sounds funny, but we hadn't put out our pyramids because we knew that Soren would want to touch them, so we just set them up for today.

We also got our newest decorations from Germany set up, except for our star.

we went over to Kris and Linda's house to do our present exchange. Keira and Soren were very pleased with their new gifts, as well as everyone else. We stayed for dinner, but came home to our house because it was just so nice to sleep in our own beds finally. We didn't do anything special to ring in the new year, it felt nice to just get some sleep.

In the morning, we went back over to Kris and Linda's for brunch, and then lounged around the house all day watching football.

On Saturday, we had a very busy day. It started with a pancake breakfast meet and greet for the Primary Children. It was really fun, and it was cute to see Keira at her first official Primary Activity, where she was there because she was supposed to be, not just because she was tagging along. All the children were invited to come in their pjs, and Keira and Soren actually matched my secretary's 6 children's pjs. It was pretty funny and people were doing double takes when they saw Soren with the other boys. We went home and changed into clothes, and then set off to find a light to put inside our star. We struck out at IKEA, but Soren had a ball feeding himself mac and cheese.

We were able to find a light at Lowe's. We don't know where we will hang our star, but it was great to get to light up. Perhaps it won't need a spot in our condo, but that is wishful thinking.

We also lit our smoker before taking the rest of the Christmas decorations down.

The next day was Sunday, and it is my month to teach Sharing Time. It was also the frist day for the new classes for all the children, so it was a high stress day, but fortunately, everything went really well. Keira did great in her class, despite a collision with her friend Lizzie that caused some tears. I also made some chocolate chip cookies, but didn't measure the butter properly or something, and they didn't turn out quite right. Soren still enjoyed them.

On Monday, I was able to resume going back to the gym and storytimes. Keira really liked this puppet that Miss Kathryn had to "snap that monkey right out of that tree".

On Tuesday, Keira went back to school, and they had a new years theme. She made a party hat and sunglasses.

We also went to a starlight storytime, and were actually on time enough to get Keira and Soren into their pjs for the event. Usually I just take them in their clothes, and this time everyone had pjs on, so I was glad they did too. Soren really wants to be able to jump.

On Wednesday, I had a presidency meeting so we had to skip the library. Once we got home, Keira and Soren played in their room and liked to get in where their toy bins go. It was pretty funny.

On Thursday, I got some errands done while Keira was at school. Soren got the bananas out of the bag and pulled them apart by himself and tried to eat them (in their peels).

We got a good amount of snow in the evening, and I was able to get Keira out of her fancy Nancy tutu so that Keira and Soren could play in the snow as it was coming down. She had really wanted to make a snowman (the subject of today's artwork), but the snow was too fine. Soren loved the snow.

On Friday, I had a great long swim workout in the morning, and then met up with Valerie D and her friend Kelly at the mall. It was a bit crazy, because between the 3 of us, we had 7 children and Keira was the oldest.

That night when Ryan got home, we went out to Ann Arbor to do some browsing and eat at Chipotle. When we got back, Keira and Soren had gifts from my Aunt Patty and Uncle Dennis waiting for them.

Saturday was a huge day for us. I got up and ran 8 miles with Valerie B. As soon as I got cleaned up, we rushed Keira and Soren down to Kris and Linda's so that Ryan and I could watch Avatar in 3D. It was amazing! I loved it, and it totally didn't feel as long as it was. While we were at the movie, Keira made a bunch of crafts with her new art kits. She really loved to paint. Once we picked them up, we dashed over to Valerie and Kent B's house for Ryan's ride planning. David and his family attended as well. They worked out the rules and guidelines for how they would run their rides and who would lead each ride. Valerie and I also picked out a few races to ensure that they wouldn't conflict with Ryan and Kent's rides. We finished off the evening with some Guitar Hero.

Sunday was a long day. Soren didn't sleep well, so it was just Keira and I at church. I had my first ward council meeting afterwards, so Ryan picked her up from church and had dinner ready for when I got home. I made chocolate chip cookies (with the correct amount of butter this time), and they were excellent. Soren had a hard time waiting for them to be done.

Up for next week, Soren has his 15 month checkup tomorrow, and we will making preparations to go on a ski trip to northern Michigan.

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